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Overheard at Harvard on FDOC

The first day of class is an exciting, traumatizing, and admittedly, transformative day for everyone on campus. Here is Flyby Blog’s collection of favorite overheards from various Harvard people on this very memorable start to the 2022-2023 school year.

My Student-Athlete Covid Sob Story

After spending the better part of two years desperately avoiding Covid, it finally infiltrated my suite. There’s never a good time to get the good ol’ Rona, but I can think of a thousand-and-one reasons why this was the worst week for it to all go down.

Look No Feather: Canada Goose Forecast

It should be illegal to spend upwards of $1000 on a winter coat, but if you so choose to own a Canada Goose, please postpone wearing them until the temperatures dip below 40 degrees.

Here's How to View Your Harvard Admissions File

After the high-profile and high-stakes Harvard admissions trial released a slew of well-kept secrets detailing how the College evaluates applicants, the mystery surrounding our admissions files has finally begun to unfurl. Here's how you can view yours.

The True Dynamic Duo: Sex Week and Freshmen Family Weekend

Sorry Larry and Adele, a new dynamic duo is in town. Sex Week and Freshmen Family Weekend converge this upcoming weekend and it promises to be one of the most exciting ;) times of the year. We have all the strategies you need to combine them in the best way possible.

In/Out October November 2018

Out...with your absentee ballot. Because it's OUT, IN the mail, right?!

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