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Flyby Presents: Best Zoom Backgrounds

It’s hard to imagine how we would be navigating school without the incredible power of technology. Zoom sessions allow us to attend lectures from anywhere in the world, so why not explore the possibilities? Why limit yourself to your messy bedroom with your stuffed animals or pile of laundry inconspicuously tucked away from the range of your webcam? Modern problems require modern solutions.

How to Get Out of a Commitment

As Harvard students, we love saying yes to things. Sure, 10 p.m. is an awfully inconvenient time to mark green on the When2Meet, but it’s not like you have anything planned then (at the moment, at least).

In Response to ‘What Do You Do?’

The next time we are faced with the question of “what do you do,” it is my hope that rather than feeling boxed in, we are bursting with answers of everything we are and everything we are capable of.

Summer Postcard: Recharging at a Konbini

To me, a konbini is equivalent to a humble refuge from confusion and chaos. It’s the checkpoint area on the game map every time I die, sheltering me from time and all matters of reality until I’m ready to face the world again.