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Flyby's Choose Your Own Adventure: A Day at Visitas Edition

Visitas for the Class of 2026 is finally here! Get ready for the classic introduction to all things truly Harvard, no matter what this weekend has in store for you. Needing a test run before the real thing? We've got you covered! And for our dear, dear members of Class of 2024 and 2025 – here's your chance to relive those previously-virtual glory days in your own version of Visitas 2.0! ;-)

Flyby’s Countdown to Yardfest: Guide to Having a Swae-nky Time

Alright folks. We are just days away from the first Yardfest since 2019… Phew. As someone who attended the Yardfests of yore (i.e. exactly one, featuring Kiiara & Bazzi), I am wildly excited for the chance to relive some freshman year nostalgia. Sure, maybe we didn’t get Olivia Rodrigo opening plus the ultimate One Direction reunion as Flyby once manifested, but Swae Lee isn’t a bad deal either! Read on for all you need to know about this Sunday’s festivities.

Can You Make It Through River Run?

Ah, Housing Day. One of the most beloved traditions for a Harvard student, back once again in person. Before experiencing the joys of dorm storming and the excitement of meeting your new House community, you must conquer River Run.

Poof! It’s Your Harvard Genie!

If you’re like me and have given up on trying to make your life better on your own, it’s time to turn to whatever magical forces you can find. Wish on a shooting star! Steal a leprechaun’s pot of gold! Kidnap a genie! This is the semester of ~manifesting~, so rub on John Harvard’s foot and make a wish folks.

We Fell In Love with the Datamatch Supreme Cupids And We’re Still Not Over It

To get the scoop on all things Datamatch, we sat down with Supreme Cupids Melissa W. Kwan ’22 and Katherine Y. Zhu ’23, two true professionals on romance, humor, and ~top secret algorithms~. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or still waiting to lose your Datamatch virginity, we’ve got your guide on returning fav features, new surprises, and why this kooky survey continues to be our personal favorite tradition<3

Nine Courses That You’ll Instantly Add to Your Crimson Cart From the Name Alone

With shopping week long gone (for now at least, rip) and me having no idea how to choose my classes, we’ve got to get CREATIVE here. Why add classes based on Q Guide comments, professor Q&A’s, or concentration requirements when you can conduct a professional vibe check off of their name alone? If your first week of classes goes wrong and you need some back-ups, move these up to the top of your Crimson Cart.

Flyby Manifests: Actual Commencements

As we’ve come back to campus in person and braved the joys and pains of in-person classes again, truly the only thing keeping us going is that proverbial light at the end of the thesis-grind tunnel. That light is a real, not Zoom commencement full of hugs, tears, and Instagrammable grad pics. And for our dear friends from the Class of 2020 and Class of 2021 who disappeared into the void, I miss you! Consider this my desperate plea for you too.