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Spring Frolicking Bucket List

Ah, spring. The buds budding, the breeze puffing, the rabbits by the Leveret Towers multiplying by the day. Everybody from that kid who wore flip flops to class in February to the girl who you’ve never seen without a hat, mittens, snow boots and parka combo pack are out to play, and it’s time to get vitamin D for the first time in five months. So here are some ideas for getting your spring frolic on.

An Unconventional Senior Fall Bucket List

Yeah, yeah, yeah — you know what your FOP leader told you about the John Harvard Statue, Widener Stacks, and first day of reading period. Snooze fest. We’re back on campus, and for those of us who are in our final fall, it’s time to graduate to the big boy bucket list. Here’s some tasks for any senior who feels like they’re really up to the challenge.

What to Wear to Be the Main Character Picking Up Dinner in the Dhall

Gone are the days when you could put on your coolest pants and fanciest coat and stage a one-person fashion show between the B and C aisles in Annenberg. Eating inside is so 2019, and we’re all about that newness. Meals can still be your personal Eleganza if you want them to be, so read on for some outfits fresher than Red’s best.

Guide to Covid-Crushes

We used to live in simpler times, when flirting with a new cutie was as easy as forming a study group and making eyes at them over your Stat 110 problem set. But alas, wooing is a little more challenging when you have to stay six feet apart and you can’t really hear what they’re saying under their mask. So what’s a luvah to do? Don’t worry, we’ve got you. Read on for how to (safely) make that COVID-crush turn into a COVID-Connection.

Friday Night Plans: Remote Edition

Now that classes have officially started, we all need something to look forward to when each arduous week comes to a close. Even though partying is off the table (please social distance!), your Friday nights don’t need to be as dull as they were during early quarantine. Check out these fun ideas to spend your weekends remotely!