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28 Vocab Words for the Class of 2028

Class of 2028: let us be the millionth to say, welcome to Harvard! Here in the ivory tower, we have a lot of lingo that we will immediately throw around without explaining anything. We, that is, meaning people other than Flyby Blog, the best/coolest/most fun section of The Harvard Crimson (the school newspaper you’re currently reading — we’ll give you that one for free). So, trust us to give you everything you need to know to not be lost, literally and figuratively, during this weekend and the next four years!

Flyby Tries: Seasonal Coffee Drinks

Here at Flyby, our trusty writers set out to try the newest (and some classic) seasonal drinks so you know exactly what to order the next time you need to take a study break from Widener and grab some extra motivation in Harvard Square.

Flyby Explores: What to Do in Boston/Cambridge This Winter?

Finals season isn’t just a time for studying; aside from formals, the next two weeks coincide with Boston’s most festive time of the year. Here’s our favorite ways to add a healthy dose of procrastination to your study schedule.

27 Vocab Words for the Class of 2027

Welcome to Harvard, Class of 2027! As you take your first few steps on campus, there's a lot awaiting you here, and it can honestly get very confusing very quickly. Here at Flyby, we offer you an important resource: our annual breakdown of Harvard lingo for the Class of 2027!

Why February, in fact, is the Emotional Trough of the Year

We thought February was going to be our month, or at least a good month. But now, here we are, and somehow, somewhere (here), February has taken a sharp knife and gutted us all like one of Red’s best catches.

Move Over Tatte, There's a New Cafe in Town

As much as we were tempted to gatekeep this treasured find, it didn’t work Faro Café’s bustling wood-white interior was just too cozy and welcoming to keep it a secret. It’s the perfect place for when you want to pretend that you have your life together and you did NOT spend 58 minutes in the CS office hours queue.

Trader Joe’s Can Fix Anything: Valentine’s Day Edition

We’ll cut right to the chase: Yes, sampling TJ snacks was in fact our only plan for Valentine’s Day evening, no, none of us had real dates for the good ol’ day of love, and no, we don’t need to keep talking about it.