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Flyby’s Guide to Falling in Love with Fall

Finally having an in-person semester means the return of midterms, men in suits, and David Malan’s sweat. If that isn’t enough to look forward to, being on campus means we’ll finally be able to enjoy New England’s least-worst season: fall! With the official start of fall happening tomorrow – and as a New England native – here are my favorite ways to enjoy the fall that doesn’t involve crying over midterms.

Virtual Visitas Bingo

Visitas may be online yet again this year, but that doesn't mean you can't still have the iconic Harvard experience you've been waiting for eagerly! Sure, it may all be online, but there's plenty of essential experiences you can hit to get your time at Harvard started on the right foot.

We Got the Covid Vaccine & Here's How It Went

Since last March, Covid has been the only thing on people’s minds (...and Driver’s License, but we all knew that), but there is light at the end of the tunnel! With the vaccine rolling out across the country, we thought we’d give you all of the details to help you prepare for your dose.

Tag Yourself: Which HUDS Milk are You?

If there’s one good thing that this past year has given us, it’s the expansion of the HUDS MCU: Milk Cinematic Universe. With new additions to the revolving cast of HUDS milk such as Oatly and Almond Breeze, the options are bountiful and endless.

TikTok Powerpoint Night Inspo: Harvard Edition

If you’ve ever spent even a second on TikTok, you’re already familiar with the PowerPoint trend, where you and a bunch of friends each choose a topic of your choice to present on it. While learning about the intricacies of Great British Bake-Off’s judging is interesting, we thought we’d give you some ideas to help Harvard-ify it up.

What’s Your Harvard Love Language?

With Valentine's Day coming up quick, you might be looking to do some ~self-reflection~. What better way to do so than to figure out what your Harvard love language may be? You might not actually be receiving any Jefe's dates or Canada Goose jackets anytime soon, but at least you'll be ready for that next quarantine fling!

Why Haven’t They Texted You Back Yet?

With Valentine’s Day coming up quick, now's really the time to shoot those last minute shots! Whether you’ve been all up in Tinder, sliding in the ZM's, or perhaps sending messenger pigeons, we've got the next best way of finally deducing why your latest virtual crush hasn’t texted you back yet (besides, you know, just asking them).