From Cannes: 'El Agua' Is Not The Supernatural Thriller You Might Expect — It’s Better

Where its premise might suggest a supernatural thriller, the film instead unravels as a vivid and emotive slice-of-life movie, beautifully tracking the blossoming romance between two teenagers.

From Cannes: 'Tirailleurs' Depicts France’s Exploitation of Senegalese Conscripts In Fast-Paced, Tragic World War I Story

Though Mathieu Vadepied makes a meaningful commentary about French abuse against colonial subjects in the name of the war effort, his latest film certainly has its issues.

From Cannes: “Hunt” Piles Twists Onto A Classic Spy-Movie Structure To Confusing Effect

The film offers an engaging portrait of the everyday dangers and bureaucratic infighting in an intelligence agency servicing the Korean military dictatorship, but eventually drags under the weight of its countless plot twists.

From Cannes: Newcomer Julie Ledru Lights Up The Road In Electrifying Motocross Drama 'Rodeo'

The film is both a window into the pervasive misogyny endemic to the underground biking scene and a broader commentary on the way men are threatened by female independence.

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