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Hayao Miyazaki’s Visions of Return

Many of the most iconic scenes from the animator’s extended repertoire are ones that involve transformation.

An Unlikely Cubicle

At Harvard, we push them down deep, transcending their tragedies of inaccess through our relentless resourcefulness. But through our hard work and creativity, our not-a-moment’s hesitation to grasp at any opportunity that comes our way, we have the courage at moments like these to reflect. And to reach back.

Boston-Born: How a City Shapes Music

Born right here in the city, the band worked their way through local venues and took advantage of musical connections in the city to achieve rapid success.

Why Artists Care About Ukraine

Putin’s unprovoked and inhumane attack relies on destroying a future world where Ukrainian artists can exist — and that is precisely why the current generation of musicians, poets, and artists from all over the world have stood up in support of Ukraine.

Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun: A Study in Courtly Charm and Artistic Empathy

Her portraits continued to refuse an era or tradition, and her sensitive and empathetic portrayals of high-ranking individuals garnered even more popularity for her works.

Ode to Live Music

The way I listen, discover, and appreciate music wholly changed once I began regularly attending live concerts.

Artemisia Gentileschi: Female Empowerment in the Artistic Mythos

Her work often featured scenes of strong and empowered women taking down tyrannical male villains, and were laden with double meanings in the context of her own trauma.

Bad Love: Decoding Criminality in Anime

So what about being criminal is enigmatic? Why, in other words, are we drawn to characters who do bad things?

Celebrity Saviors

The first time I listened to Dodie Clark, I felt like wanted to crawl inside her songs, to live in the universe of yellow flowers and smeared makeup and sunshine the next morning she created.

‘¡Viva Zapata!’ — The Legacies of Latinas in Punk

The feminist punk movement in the Pacific Northwest was catalyzed by a Latina.

Pas de Deux: Sexism and the Gender Binary in Ballet

Ballet, as an art form tied to tradition, can be a deeply sexist and exclusive place. But women are slowly but surely breaking through the glass ceiling and proving their capabilities.

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