‘Shang-Chi’ is Explosive and Essential

The first Marvel film with a majority Asian cast, “Shang-Chi” challenges traditional depictions of the American hero, marking an essential new chapter for the world’s most influential cinematic universe.

‘The Chair’ is the Latest Netflix Miniseries That Ends Too Soon

The show goes far beyond solely focusing on inequality within academia. With its six strikingly short, thirty-minute episodes, “The Chair” does an excellent job of leaving audiences wanting more.

"Black Widow" Still

Scarlett Johansson has portrayed Black Widow in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since 2010.


Sandra Oh as Ji-Yoon and Jordan Tyson as Capri in episode 101 of "The Chair."


Sandra Oh as Ji-Yoon in Netflix's "The Chair"

'Shang-Chi' Still

Simu Liu stars as the titular superhero in "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings" (2021), directed by Destin Daniel Cretton.

‘The Arboretum Experience’ Review: Augmented Reality, IRL

If a visitor is surrounded by singing birds, does putting on headphones to listen to an audio play full of artificial noise replace a more authentic experience?

‘‘96 Bulls’ Review: Kota the Friend’s Deceptively Deep New Single

With his versatility as an artist on full display in “‘96 Bulls,” Kota the Friend draws attention to his inherent duality as a person.

Mariah Carey’s ‘Emotions’: A 30-Year Retrospective

“Emotions" is Carey’s second album, and it more than sustained the star power catalyzed by her first single “Visions of Love.”

Here’s Why ‘White Lotus’’s Mossbacher Family Feels Too Familiar

Call it unjust or unfair — “The White Lotus” is simply a reflection of real life. There are millions of people who view themselves as proponents of social change, yet are unwilling to take steps which may lessen their hegemony.

The Anatomy of Thirst Tweets: Dissecting Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain's Steamy Kiss

As Chastain smiled for the cameras, her arm around Isaac’s shoulders, the “Dune” actor slowly leaned down and kissed her upper arm. Twitter users lost their collective minds.

The World Can’t Help but Watch Kanye West

The production, release, and aftermath of “Donda” can be summed up with one image: a hurricane. And, like a hurricane, Kanye West’s raging winds surround the record itself.

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