From the Boston Book Festival: YA Authors Discuss Compelling Characters and Young Love

Spanning genre and subject matter, the panel centered around three recently released novels that include romantic subplots subverted by family, forbidden love, and coming of age struggles: “Teach the Torches to Burn,” “The Other Side of Infinity,” and “Sing Me To Sleep.”

‘This Won’t Help’ Review: Short-Lived but Entertaining in the Moment

Grober’s wit is a force of nature that keeps readers engaged and entertained throughout. The topics covered are nuanced, and Grober makes surprisingly insightful points about the state of current affairs.

Artist Profile: ‘cari can read’ on BookTube and the Joy of Reading

In an interview with The Harvard Crimson, Cakes discussed how she entered the book space, social media’s effects on the publishing sphere, and advice for young professionals looking to pursue what they love.

‘Rouge’ Review: Reasoning with Our Reflection

Awad’s book will ensnare those caught under the same spells under which Belle falls, but overall the book lacks a certain sense of enchantment that would bring it to the level of perfection that a character like Belle would seek.

‘Astor’ Review: A Metamorphosis of an American Dynasty

This nonfiction work successfully incorporates historic accounts with archival details and secondary commentaries, bringing its characters to life and unraveling the intergenerational metamorphosis of the Astor family.

Horror, She Wrote: Five Centuries of Haunting Reads by, for, and about Stubborn Women

Through Gothic literature, women writers have developed and dominated horror storytelling since the 18th Century to discuss social issues or to write complex female characters without focusing on romance and men — a literary phenomenon that continues today.

From the Boston Book Festival: ‘If Not Now, When?’ Panelists Address the Power and Potential of Jewish Literature

Throughout the hour-long talk, the speakers explored the ways their identities have influenced their work and probed the fundamental questions about family, autonomy, representation, and justice that lie at the hearts of their novels.

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