“The 12th Commandment” Review: A Disappointing Dönme Mystery

"The 12th Commandment" suffers from tired character archetypes, overambitious storytelling, and long-winded pacing that makes it impossible for the book to find a place among any genre’s contemporary greats.

From Our Bookshelves: The Forest of Wool and Steel

As a pianist and lover of words, I treasure the tender, poetic prose and imagery of "The Forest of Wool and Steel;" as a Harvard student, I value its remedial guidance for how to maneuver through some of Harvard’s greatest challenges.

‘Ten Planets’ Review: A Philosophical Exercise of Cosmic Proportions

“Ten Planets” is neither warning nor prophecy — it is a compelling contemplation on the human capacity to find beauty in even the most dystopian settings, as well as its tendency to create instruments of oppression.

Harvard Authors Spotlight: Mattie Kahn and the Greatness of Girls

Kahn’s interest in activism and political expression, the basis of her debut book, began before her time at the College, but has evolved to encompass the often underrepresented multitudes of womanhood.

From the Boston Book Festival: Silence in Poetry

In the workshop “The Silence After a Bell: Crafting Poems Beyond Language” hosted at the Goethe-Institut, Allison Adair and Sandra Lim shared readings from their own collections and invited workshop participants to consider the role and sound of silence in spoken verse.

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