‘La Cenerentola’ Review: The Disenchanted Fairytale in Boston

Boston Lyric Opera’s production of “La Cenerentola” gives the audience a fresh take on Rossellini’s bel Canto opera. Along with the exceptional orchestra, the actors engage the audience in laughter and bring them into the wonder of Cinderella and kindness.

Blue Man Group image

The Blue Man Group has been thrilling audiences with unforgettable, fun performances since 1991.

New American Repertory Theater Development Plan Unanimously Approved by BPDA

The Boston Planning and Development Agency unanimously approved development plans Thursday for relocating Harvard’s American Repertory Theater from its Brattle Street location into Allston, alongside construction of new affiliate housing.

Artist Profile: Julia K. Grullon ’24 on Stage Managing as a Catalyst for Artistic Growth

Grullon lives and leads by example to ensure that everyone feels welcome in Harvard’s theater spaces. Her genuine concern for the well-being of others at the individual, communal, and global levels is perhaps the greatest strength of her leadership.

‘Jekyll & Hyde’ Preview: Seductive, Thrilling, Complex

The team behind "Jekyll and Hyde" aims to present a nuanced take on the show, venturing beyond the figures of Jekyll and Hyde, embracing character depth, and giving justice to the musical’s technical complexity.

A Black Woman’s Analysis of ‘Wicked’ The Musical: Examining Elphaba’s Story 20 Years Later

More than the beautiful score and mystical spectacle, "Wicked" tells a story that can resonate with many Black women — demonstrated through Elphaba's development and realization of her own power and strength in spite of villainization.

‘Heathers’ Review: Hits the Croquet Ball Out of the Park

“Heathers” consistently remains on top of its game throughout the show. Pallotta’s production pulls off every joke, note, and beat, while its clever, fresh design enriches the story’s deeper themes.

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