‘Hamilton’ Review: A Contemporary Classic Dazzles in Boston

Whether a reluctant theatergoer, a crazed fan, or somewhere in between, “Hamilton” is an exceptional artistic and educational experience that will win over the hearts of even the most skeptical attendees.

Katie McClanan ’22 on Spirituality, Writing, and Honesty

For Katie McClanan, creating “Sexy Girls and A Fish Contemplate Impermanence” was a spiritual journey involving a month in a Zen buddhist monastery and two months farming in different parts of the world.

'Six' Review: A Vibrant Celebration of Feminism — Just Don’t Think About It Too Hard

Divorced, Beheaded, Died; Divorced, Beheaded, Survived. The famous rhyme takes on a new life as the basis of “Six,” a musical reimagining of the six wives of King Henry VIII as they battle to emerge as the leader of a new pop girl group.

‘ISCARIOT’ Preview: A Heretical, Gay, Thoughtful Musical

The Hollywood Hills are not what comes to mind upon hearing the word “Iscariot.” But that’s exactly where “ISCARIOT” — an unconventional spin on the biblical narrative of Jesus and Judas — takes its audience.

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