‘MONTERO' Review: Lil Nas X’s Inspiring New Album is an Undeniable Delight

After spending recent years dealing with homophobic attacks, Lil Nas X finally takes back all the power society has stripped from him, a mission that is evident in the album’s meaningful lyrics, inventive sonic composition, and overall aesthetic.

Elderbrook Concert Review: Good Vibes All Around

On Friday, Oct. 8, a crowd of eager fans and wayfaring clubbers alike flooded in to see the English musician Alexander Kotz — also known as Elderbook — take the stage at The Sinclair.

'I Can’t Make You Love Me' Review: A Love Song for a Blue Day

Inspired by the groundbreaking jazz composer Miles Davis’ melancholic studio album “Kind of Blue,” KINDA BLUE is a new singer-songwriter with a distinct flair reminiscent of Davis’ stylistic innovations.

"Losing My Mind" Cover Art

Single cover for Swilmot's "Losing My Mind."

Charley Crockett Review: The Boston Country Scene Happens on Wednesday Nights

As country devolves into a greasy mimicry of pop music, Charley Crockett and his peers keep country’s soul alive with the waltzes, ballads, and steel guitar picking that made it a genre foundational to American music today.

‘Sometimes I Might Be Introvert’ Review: Big Hit, Little Simz

Amidst the clamor of rap’s heavy-hitters, Simz’s homage to the underdog rises to the top and serves as a masterclass for any aspiring (or established) artist on how to turn beats and sounds into a work of art.

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