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Artist Profile: ‘cari can read’ on BookTube and the Joy of Reading

In an interview with The Harvard Crimson, Cakes discussed how she entered the book space, social media’s effects on the publishing sphere, and advice for young professionals looking to pursue what they love.

‘Rouge’ Review: Reasoning with Our Reflection

Awad’s book will ensnare those caught under the same spells under which Belle falls, but overall the book lacks a certain sense of enchantment that would bring it to the level of perfection that a character like Belle would seek.

'Our Flag Means Death' Finale Review: The Happy Ending We Deserve

The second season of the show has highlighted the highs and lows of relationship building, the problems associated with revenge, and the idea that happiness is worth fighting for. The finale of “Our Flag Means Death” wraps up these storylines nicely, but above all it makes a hopeful statement about the future of queer media.