The Best Losers of the 2022 Emmys

With the Emmys’ tendency to favor the same actors year after year, it is even more important to remember the many deserving contenders who went home empty-handed. Below are six such losers whose performances were among the year’s best.

‘House of the Dragon’ Premiere Review: A Fantastical, Female-Driven Tale

It is inevitable that “House of the Dragon” will always be compared to its incredibly popular predecessor, “Game of Thrones,” but its pilot episode suggests that the new series will be just as superb.

‘The Kardashians’ Review: New Show, Same Escapist Fun

Does provide a wholly new viewing experience? No — but “The Kardashians” provides a much-needed dose of slightly ridiculous, completely unrelatable, and genuinely fun escapist television.

‘Joe vs. Carole’ Review: Too Little Too Late

“Tiger King” benefited heavily from a miracle of timing — but given “Joe vs. Carole”’s two-year production timeline, it was unrealistic to expect the audience would stick around.

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