‘Joe vs. Carole’ Review: Too Little Too Late

“Tiger King” benefited heavily from a miracle of timing — but given “Joe vs. Carole”’s two-year production timeline, it was unrealistic to expect the audience would stick around.

‘Killing Eve’ Season Four Premiere Review: A Rocky Start, But Promising Nonetheless

Enough of the duo’s familiar, alluring bad habits peek through their good girl/bad girl facades to make the episode interesting — hopefully promising a return to the women’s obsessive dynamic that warrants sticking with the final season.

‘Peacemaker’ Season One Finale Review: ‘It’s Cow or Never’ Boasts a Barnyard of Great Character Moments

While Adebayo’s burgeoning confidence fully comes to fruition in the season finale, it’s interesting to see that the brash-on-the-surface Peacemaker is as vulnerable as ever, and hence that he is perhaps not “made for this sh*t.”

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