Artist Profile: Producer Marty Bowen ’91 on Trying New Things

At the end of the day, Bowen aims to create movies and TV shows that bring people together, whichever way that may be.

‘The Peripheral’ Premiere Review: An Intriguing but Overly Ambitious Sci-Fi Adventure

The pilot of “The Peripheral” attracts viewers into a vibrant and action-packed world and introduces the show effectively, leaving questions that feel important and pressing.

‘Wednesday’ Review: The Girlboss-ification of our Favorite Addams

Each wild and unpredictable moment is steeped in Burton’s signature style. Yet, the series’ true success lies with the jaunty, offbeat coming-of-age story that rises from the chaos.

‘Pepsi, Where's My Jet?’ Review: A Tale of Advertising and Ambition

“Pepsi, Where’s My Jet?” shows Pepsi and advertising in a unique light, while providing some interesting personalities on screen — a true lesson to companies to be careful with what they promise customers, even if they want to sell more of their product.

‘Dead to Me’ Season Three Premiere Review: An Unusually Calm Start

Despite the unsurprisingly strong performances from two actors who have inhabited their roles for quite some time, the rest of the premiere falls flat.

‘The Crown’ Season Five Premiere Review: Does 'The Crown' Not Support the Monarchy?

By placing an emphasis on the separation between the British Royal Family and the rest of the country, “The Crown” takes a step towards a neutral portrayal of the family, balancing out their past idolization with some stark realism.

‘Vampire Academy’ Finale Review: Leaves More Questions Than Answers

After a season full of twists, betrayals, and deaths, the season finale of “Vampire Academy,” tries to one up itself with several plot twists that never have time to fully strike their chords.

‘From Scratch’ Review: A Love Story in Flames

For any viewer looking for a show to build their hopes up then destroy them in the best way possible, “From Scratch” is the perfect choice.

‘The White Lotus’ Review: Season Two Arrives in Sicily

In a clever expansion of its original premise, the show’s distinctive brand of dark humor and biting exploration of social themes continues with a new cast at The White Lotus Sicily.

‘House of the Dragon’ Season Review: Television’s Return to Westeros

While the slow-burn plot may be frustrating for “Game of Thrones” fans who are used to receiving closure at the end of a season, the producers have surely secured a devoted audience for the next season of “House of the Dragon.”

‘I Am A Stalker’ Review: Putting the Truth Back in True Crime

Featuring a broad array of interviewees and an overall understated tone, “I Am A Stalker” at last presents a somewhat respectable option for true crime consumption.

'Derry Girls' Review: Season Three's Triumph Through Troubles

The beauty of “Derry Girls” is that it never tries to find an answer: Its three seasons have captivated viewers with stories of bold, anxious, hilarious, awkward, and earnest teens as they experience the messed-up, beautiful world around them.

‘One of Us is Lying’ Struggles to Find its Footing in Season Two

Though the season may have fumbled more times than it scored, it ultimately succeeds in leaving the audience wanting more.

‘The Playlist’ Review: A Real Look into Spotify’s Climb to Fame

Regardless of the information overload compiled in this series, “The Playlist” is nevertheless an exciting watch that provides fascinating insight into the hidden secrets of Spotify’s creation.

‘Entergalactic' Review: A 'Full on Monet'

While Mescudi creates a visually appealing and modern adult animation, its simplistic plot makes the show feel like a monotonous combination of montages backed by his original music.

‘Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story’ Review: A Disturbing Dive into a Murderer’s Mind

Evan Peters lives up to expectations in playing Jeffrey Dahmer. Unfortunately, the show's redundancy rather insensitively demeans the victims through their pain as merely one among a host of other depicted murders.

It’s Okay, We Can Let ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Go

If we as a human race ever go back to watching cable, “How I Met Your Mother” is a perfectly acceptable show to land on when nothing else is on — but it's time for us to move on to bigger and better things.

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