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From the Wicked Queer Film Festival: ‘The Good Manners’ is an Arresting Ode to Adolescence

“The Good Manners” is a visually wonderful film, and is strongest when it luxuriates in the unsaid aspects of complicated familial relationships.

Sanitizing Roald Dahl: A Misguided Attempt at Inclusion

Though it is certainly a positive to present children with wonderful literature that is also empowering and uplifting to all readers, it seems misguided to warp Roald Dahl’s novels in pursuit of that aim.

‘psychofreak’ by Camila Cabello ft. WILLOW: A Disappointing And Underwhelming Loop

“psychofreak” feels more like a loop than a developed song. This is unfortunate, considering both the song’s gentle driving beat and melodic sound design have a great deal of potential.