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The Hidden History of Slavery at Christ Church: Nicole Piepenbrink on Her Film ‘HERE LIES DARBY VASSALL’

In the hustle of their daily commutes, most of those who pass by Cambridge’s Christ Church do so without a second glance. The average passerby has no idea there is a tomb in the basement holding the remains of a formerly enslaved person. His name was Darby Vassall.

Aadil Abedi Paints in Harmony with Poetry Recitation at HDS

The event highlighted the masterful craft of visual artist Aadil Abedi as he painted in real time alongside poetry recitations from Divinity School students covering a range of Middle Eastern and Southwest Asian languages.

‘As Anticipated’ Review: Boston Ballet Relishes in the Unanticipated

Forsythe’s work blends the choreographic careers of his classical predecessors with an exploration of modernity, breaking from traditional ballet boundaries in a style unprecedented enough to make Rudolf Nureyev stir in his grave.

In Photos: AADT Horizon

For many years, the Asian American Dance Troupe (AADT) has presented Horizon as its fall semester cultural dance show, uniting students from the Boston Area to celebrate Asian heritage and identity.

Interpreting Emotional Turmoil: Mitsuko Uchida and the BSO Tackle Beethoven and Shostakovich

The challenge in performing these two pieces thus lies in the balance between conveying the compositions’ intended effect and capturing each piece’s musical details. Saturday’s performance was a valiant effort, but not without a few stumbles.

‘The Effect’ Preview: ‘Love, Drugs, and Ethics’

“The Effect,” running Nov. 10 through Nov. 13 at the Loeb Ex, follows two volunteers in a clinical trial who fall in love. It aims for realism and an immersive, thought-provoking experience.

Poetic Humanism: Enigma Chamber Opera Triumphs with Britten’s ‘The Prodigal Son’

Director Kirsten Cairns and the performers took full advantage of the cathedral setting, lending the performance a warmth and sense of hospitality. The stage design of the drama, however, was far from its only impressive feature.

Redefining Costume with KAIROS Dance Theater’s ‘HUSK/VESSEL’

Although the performers’ impressive displays of energy were interspersed with longer stretches of choreography that lacked momentum, KAIROS Dance Theater’s narrative exploration of costume in dance was ultimately one to remember.

A ‘Fault in Our Stars’: John Green Examines Humanity’s Existence and Ending

Speaking from the pulpit in the church, John Green discussed the temporality of human existence, existential grief, and how to maintain hope through it all in his enthralling lecture, “How the World Ends.”

The Click’s “Emotive Land”: Experience Dance Through Augmented Reality

Alongside a live performance, “Emotive Land” featured pre-recorded routines accessible through an app which allowed passersby to calibrate their location and view a dance set in their current environment.

Sundays in the Courtyard: ‘Requiem for the Enslaved’ at the Isabella Stewart Gardner

“I had two objectives with this piece: to honor those men, women and children who were property, and to shine a light on systemic racism,” Simon said. “There’s no way we can talk about racism today without talking about slavery.”

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