Visual Arts

Drag Exhibit

An American Drag exhibit recently opened in Houghton Library.

After Agreeing to Repatriate Ponca Tomahawk, Peabody Museum Awaits Visit from Tribal Leaders

The Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology removed a pipe tomahawk that once belonged to Ponca chief Standing Bear from its collections last September, after calls for the museum to return the tomahawk to the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska and the Ponca Tribe of Indians of Oklahoma garnered international attention.

HDS Fellow Presents Art Exhibition on Cultural Activism and Identity

Taurean J. Webb, an instructor at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary and a Harvard Divinity School fellow, presented a collaborative art exhibition called “Ye Shall Inherit the Earth & Faces of the Divine” at a virtual event sponsored by the Divinity School.

Why Artists Care About Ukraine

Putin’s unprovoked and inhumane attack relies on destroying a future world where Ukrainian artists can exist — and that is precisely why the current generation of musicians, poets, and artists from all over the world have stood up in support of Ukraine.

Edible Art 9

"Sage Sorbet," one of local artist Lisa Khachadurian's edible art creations. The piece is adorned with a Shakespeare quote that reads: “Dost thou think because thou art virtuous there shall be no more cakes and ale?”

‘Exceeded My Expectations’: Student Performers Laud Return to In-Person Programming

After more than a year of adapting to virtual programming, Harvard’s vibrant performing arts groups have roared back to life. Though they have faced challenges adhering to Covid-19 restrictions, artists said the ability to come together in person again is well-worth it.

Traces of Bodies

In 2018, Christina M. Tedesco invited members of the Somerville community to make life-sized paper dolls of themselves, collecting them into a temporary mural called "Traces of Bodies."

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