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What Should Single People Do On Valentine’s Day?

Are you single this Valentine’s Day? Want to find something to do instead of crying alone in your dorm while consuming an entire pint of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream in one sitting? Take this quiz, perfectly crafted to give you the ideal way to spend your February 14th!

How To: Saltburn Your Way Into A Relationship

The dating pool (or should I say bathtub?) is shallow, and anything would be better than yet another lonely Valentine’s Day. A recent film gave a step-by-step set of instructions on how to make a relationship happen, and maybe more?

Flyby’s (Imaginary) Internship Roundup

We sat down and imagined some perfect summer internships that don’t exist — yet. There’s something for every career! So come and imagine internships with us. Who knows, maybe you’ll actually want to turn one of these into reality…

barry keoghan gif

Hope you enjoy Harvard, Barry Keoghan!

Dude, That’s Rude: D-hall Chairs with Arms

Have you been thinking about d-hall chairs recently, specifically those with arms? No? I really didn’t think so, but luckily for you we at Flyby have! Here’s our bone to pick with armed d-hall chairs — yes, it’s a valid complaint, and yes you’ll agree by the end of our argument.

d-hall chairs with arms

dude that's rude: d-hall chairs with arms

can't study at cafes

Why I Can't Study at Cafés

Take the Commuter Rail for a Weekend of Rest and Relaxation

Winter is really showing up this time of year, so fight against the cold and the Sunday-scaries: take a weekend trip — or at least fantasize about one. See which nearby destination (accessible by the train!) is best for you!

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