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5 Things Scarier Than Spooky Season

As a Harvard student, you know that there are things we go through that are far scarier than the spooky festivities of Halloweekend. Read with caution — things on this list may be scarily relatable.

How to: Live in a Harvard Dorm

So you just moved into your shoebox of a dorm and you’re thinking to yourself: there must be more. We know exactly how you feel. Sure, some of you might still be excited enough to ~romanticize~ your dorm, but trust us, give or take a month and you too will be agitated by the fact that there is no air conditioning to relieve you from the sweltering heat of Cambridge summer. The good news is, no matter what your rooming situation is, with the right attitude and a little bit of (amazing) advice you can and absolutely will have a blast living in your Harvard dorm.