The Harvard Kennedy School is Getting More International. Its Offerings Are Not Keeping Pace.

In interviews with The Crimson, HKS affiliates raised concerns that the school’s curriculum, faculty, and financial aid programs have not kept pace with its growing international student population despite some efforts from leadership.

Copy-and-Paste: How Allegations of Plagiarism Became the Culture War’s New Frontier

Harvard had already found itself in the crossfires of the culture war. But with new software at their disposal and a trove of unscrutinized scholarship to dive into, the plagiarism allegations against Claudine Gay had opened up a new frontier.

‘I Knew What I Signed Up For’: Elite Harvard Athletes Navigate a Delicate Balancing Act

Several athletes at Harvard compete in their sport on a national or international stage. While many of these athletes said they feel satisfied with Harvard’s support of their sporting endeavors, they also pointed out the challenges of this balancing act.

‘Incredibly Difficult’: Social Science Profs Struggle to Find Graduate TFs

Courses in the Social Science division are facing a shortage of graduate student teaching fellows as Harvard’s Ph.D. cohorts have shrunk following the Covid-19 pandemic and amid a general shift away from the humanities and social sciences.

Some Postdocs Will Vote Challenge in HAW-UAW’s Upcoming Union Elections

As Harvard Academic Workers-United Auto Workers gears up for its unionization election in early April, some workers will participate in the vote despite not yet being formal members of the potential bargaining unit.

College Dean Khurana Says He Hopes Class of 2028 Attends Harvard Despite Controversies

Nine days before Harvard College is expected to release its regular decision admissions results, Dean Rakesh Khurana said he hopes the University’s recent controversies surrounding campus antisemitism will not deter applicants from attending Harvard.

HUA Members Praise Faculty Vote to Reject Earlier Course Add Deadline

Members of the Harvard Undergraduate Association praised the Faculty of Arts and Sciences for voting on Tuesday to reject a proposal moving up the deadline for adding classes to the third Monday of the semester.

Harvard Faculty Extend Pass-Fail Deadline, Reject Earlier Deadline for Adding Classes

Harvard faculty narrowly rejected a contentious proposal to shift up the deadline for adding classes to the third Monday of the term, while overwhelmingly approving a proposal allowing undergraduates to switch to pass-fail grading through the eleventh Monday.

Harvard Undergraduate Association Proposes Academic Freedom Petition to Student Body

The Harvard Undergraduate Association proposed an academic freedom petition and two wellness initiatives at their general meeting Monday evening.

‘That’s Fine’: Students Unsure of FAS Proposal Weighing Changes to Registration, Pass-Fail Deadline

Undergraduate students gave mixed reactions — ranging from support to frustration — to a Faculty of Arts and Sciences proposal that would make changes to course enrollment and grading timelines at the beginning of each semester.

Council on Academic Freedom Proposes Statement of Principles for University Adoption

The Council on Academic Freedom at Harvard said the University ought to resist outside influence on its scholarship and recommit to a defense of controversial speech in a proposed statement of principles released Thursday.

Class of 2027 By the Numbers

Each fall, The Crimson surveys freshmen about their backgrounds, academic aspirations, and lifestyles. In this year’s installation, The Crimson also asked students for their views on artificial intelligence and admissions. Scroll through the interactive graphs and charts on the following pages for a visual representation of the Class of 2027.

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