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Roving Reporter: Harvard Housing Day Reactions

Each spring Harvard first-years are sorted into one of twelve upperclassmen houses, where they will spend their next three years. We set out across the Yard to see how the Class of 2024 reacted to the results of this year's virtual Housing Day.

Roving Reporter: Boston Media, Arts & Ideas Mixer

Last Monday evening, the back room of Brattle Street’s Beat Brew Hall transformed into the second Boston Media, Arts & Ideas Mixer. Over drinks, popcorn, and pretzels, the event brought together creative individuals from the Boston area — across all academic and professional disciplines — in a vibrant, friendly, and inclusive environment. It fostered conversations about past accomplishments, current projects, and future ideas, and served to introduce creators (in many forms) to potential future collaborators. This Roving Reporter spoke to some of the mixer’s attendees to learn more about them and about Boston’s creative scene.

Roving Reporter: Harvard Students and the Admissions Trial

Wondering what people on campus think about the SFFA lawsuit? We asked around.

Roving Reporter: Stanley Kubrick Day at the MFA

Contributing writer Xavier A. Escobar talks to attendees of the MFA's Stanley Kubrick Day, screening three of the esteemed director’s most popular films—“A Clockwork Orange,” “Dr. Strangelove,” and “The Shining”—in a day-long movie marathon.

Roving Reporter: Identities Fashion Show

​Last Saturday, the Identities Fashion Show turned Northwest Labs into a pulsing, energetic center of fashion and student creativity. This Crimson Roving Reporter sat down with several people at the event, exploring the inner mechanics of a fashion show and what goes on behind the models’ flawless smizing.

Roving Reporter: Battle for Yardfest

After a night of music ranging from sultry jazz to spirited alternative rock, the crowd voted The Lighthouse Keepers and Protein Shake as Yardfest 2016’s student openers. The Roving Reporter caught up with a few of the bands after the show.

The Arts Vanity Issue's Roving Reporter: The Crimson Newsroom—On Ha Le

The Crimson (fails to) explore how incoming Arts Chair Ha Le juggles the 732 academic requirements she must fulfill as a biomedical engineering concentrator, the five-hour film screenings she attends weekly for her visual and environmental studies secondary, and the responsibilities of being a Campus Arts exec.

Roving Reporter: Institute of Contemporary Art College Night

On Nov. 10, the ICA held its first College Night to introduce college students to the fascinating world of contemporary art. This Roving Reporter attended the event, trying to figure out the meaning of modern art and to chisel away at the mystery of the perfect date night spot.

Roving Reporter: Nosferatu at the Boston Symphony

The night before Halloween, the Boston Pops accompanied the classic horror film “Nosferatu” with a brand new score composed by eight students from the Berklee College of Music. The Harvard Crimson sent a roving reporter into this eccentric mix of Halloween horror to ask the composers, audience members, and even a theremin player what they thought of the screening.

The Battle of B.good and Clover

We all have really strong feelings about this, and we decided to stir the pot further by asking Harvard students an intensely contentious question– which closure are you sadder about, B.good or Clover?

Roving Reporter: Instagram Latte Art at the ICA

Last Friday, as part of its ICA After 5 series, the Institute of Contemporary Art hosted a workshop on latte art and Instagram, drawing dozens of coffee lovers and photographers to the museum. This Roving Reporter spoke with some of the workshop leaders and participants to find out more.

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