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Dear Freshmen: How to Connect with Upperclassmen: Do’s and Don’ts

With only freshmen and a handful of upperclassmen on campus, getting to know the people around you is far harder than usual. One of the best ways to adjust to college is by talking to upperclassmen — people who have gone through the same things you are going through right now. However, there are some good ways to reach out to people in other class years… and some bad ways too. Enjoy some tips from an upperclassman for sending a successful first message over Zoom or GroupMe.

How to Recreate the Panic of Shopping Week

Shopping week usually instills a sense of chaos reminding us that school is back, and there’s no reason that can’t be true this year. During this pandemic, we’re all craving a sense of normalcy. Use this guide to help continue your shopping week traditions from years past.

How To Throw Your Own Formal

Formal season normally happens this time of year, but we must make do with our own home-thrown formals now that we are all safely social distancing. While we may never be able to recreate the magic that is failing to actually make it to the white tent in front of the Science Center for Freshman Formal, here are some tips on how to make a formal happen at home.

Love it or Hate it: Timed Midterms

While we all hate midterms in general, timed midterms are the best way to go when taking midterms online. There are a lot of benefits to having your midterm timed and therefore over and done with.

How To Blow Your BoardPlus in 5 Days

Now that school is cancelled, we know that there is only one thing on your mind: how to best take advantage of the BoardPlus you have left so Harvard doesn’t scam you out of something else.

A Harvard Student's Guide to Football

As Harvard-Yale — the one football game Harvard students attend — approaches, a guide to watching and understanding the sport is necessary to make sure we don’t embarrass ourselves (and end up being ridiculed on SportsCenter). So here are a few basic things we should all know.