Romance Languages

Despite Decrease in Concentrators, Students and Faculty Alike Defend the Humanities

Of the 18 concentrations in the Arts and Humanities division, 10 have experienced significant decreases in numbers of concentrators, six remained relatively steady, and two saw slight increases between 2015 and 2019.

Students Protest, Pen Open Letter In Response to Professor’s Tenure Denial

Roughly 50 students staged a sit-in at University Hall Monday evening to protest the tenure denial of Romance Languages and Literatures associate professor Lorgia Garcia Peña and to call on Harvard to create a formalized ethnic studies program.

Garcia Pena Office

History and Literature associate professor Lorgia García Peña was not given tenure despite student lobbying in her support.

Romance Dept

Professor Lorgia Garcia Peña works in the Romance Language and Literature Department. Peña is receiving vocal support from students as she is being put up for tenure.

Students Lobby University to Tenure Latinx Studies Professor

More than a dozen students have launched a letter-writing campaign in support of Associate Professor of Romance Languages and Literature and History and Literature Lorgia Garcia Peña’s bid for tenure.

Un Concierto de Brian Chambouleyron

Argentinian troubadour and musician Brian Chambouleyron performs a concert in Adams House Monday night as part of the Arts Argentina: Creativity and Exile Festival sponsored by the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures. Chambouleyron performed songs in several languages including French, Italian, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Accidentally in Love: Verena Conley

My big obsession right now is the question of care, in the sense of attentiveness to the world. We live in a world of censors where experience is discounted, but I still wanted to go back to a case where the woman from [this world] becomes observant and starts to look at the world better.

The Humanities at Work

The universe of higher education often bemoans a "crisis" in the humanities, with supposedly dwindling numbers and few job prospects. At Harvard, humanities concentrators face a crisis of choice, attempting to balance their passions with factors like stability and employment. For Harvard graduates, the question is not so much whether you’ll get a job with a humanities degree—it’s where.

After Attacks, Harvard Library Archive Charlie Hebdo Materials

The Harvard College Library and the Department of Romance Languages and Literatures are creating an archive to preserve materials related to the January attack on French humor magazine Charlie Hebdo and the aftermath of the shooting.

Gadda Goes to War

Fabrizio Gifuni performs Gadda Goes to War in the Science Center Monday evening. The performance was the final event in a three day series sponsored by The Lauro De Bosis Foundation and Tony Crolla, Vittoria Group Edinburgh.

Don Quijote in the Barker Cafe

Texts by Miguel de Cervantes rest on a table as speakers recite work by the Spanish writer during a Cervantes Marathon in the Barker Center Arts Cafe on Wednesday evening. The Instituto Cervantes Observatorio and Department of Romance Languages and Literatures hosted the event.

Don Quijote in the Barker Cafe

Assistant Professor Daniel A. Oteiza reads a section of Don Quijote during a Cervantes Marathon in the Barker Center Arts Cafe on Wednesday evening. The Instituto Cervantes Observatorio and Department of Romance Languages and Literatures hosted the event.

Landon Donovan

Former United States professional soccer player Landon T. Donovan engages in a discussion with students in Fong Auditorium Wednesday afternoon as part of Romance Studies 109: The Global Game.

Learning with Experienced Speakers, Non-Native Language Students Face Challenges

While several languages at Harvard offer separate tracks for more experienced speakers, others do not divide students into different tracks, leaving some students struggling to catch up to their more experienced peers.

As Faculty Reaches Largest Size, Departments Face Space Constraints

Occupying old buildings, adapted residential homes, and shared spaces, several departments in the social sciences and arts and humanities divisions must use every available inch of office space in order to accommodate instructors, classrooms, and events.

Romance Languages and Lit Endorses Section Cap

The endorsement statement expressed support for the movement, citing individualized attention for undergraduates and professional development for graduate students as benefits of smaller sections.

Home in the Meadowlands

As she tries to wrap her lips around the hard consonants of the English language, my grandmother fumbles with my small Nike garments. Turning them over and over, she attempts to enunciate the lone word in her English lexicon without much success.

Expert on Brazilian Cultural History Dies

Romance Languages and Literatures professor Nicolau Sevcenko, who died in mid-August, is fondly remembered by his colleagues.

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