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A Record of Some Kind

The small device gasping for breath on the table in front of me contained the images of my summer—carefully catalogued evidence of the time I had spent trekking around the Malay Peninsula of Southeast Asia.

Breaking the Surface with Schuyler Bailar

Bailar is the first openly transgender athlete in any Division I NCAA sport. He’s struggled with body image, eating disorders, and dysphoria, but today, showing off in the pool, all of that seems distant. It’s not: If Bailar is confident and comfortable in front of a camera today, it’s because he’s worked hard to get to that point, and because of the impact he believes his attitude will have on others.

Living the Culture

His home in Assayii, New Mexico, a place named for the red rock of the canyons there, is starkly different from the halls of Harvard. “We live where the pavement ends,” Clark says with a laugh. “Literally, there’s a road that’s called ‘The Road to Nowhere’, and I live further on.”

Lorgia H. García Peña

García Peña is a professor of Latino studies, one of the first ever to be hired at Harvard—a role that she describes as both a responsibility and an opportunity for innovation.