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In Ancient DNA, New Directions for African American History

Evolutionary biologists, historians, population geneticists, and archaeologists gathered on Feb. 7 to discuss new genetic findings, published last fall in an article in “Science,” that enabled researchers to peer into the lives of the individuals who were buried at the Catoctin Furnace Cemetery.

'Cash for Your Warhol' Goes Worldwide

In its 15th year, Geoff Hargadon ’76’s “Cash for Your Warhol” art project has reached new heights — stapled to telephone poles nationwide and hanging in the halls of the art world it critiques.

Behind the Scenes at Boston Supper Clubs

In recent years, the Boston area has seen a flourishing of private multi-course dinners. They take a variety of forms: a pop-up in a restaurant, a meal around a table. Prices range widely, from $30 to more than $200, and the hosts run the gamut as well from amateur to professional chef.

cute drain

After choosing a drain and naming it, drain adopters clear out leaves and debris from the drain twice a month, logging the amount of debris they clean up online to measure the program’s impact.

Somerville Residents Open Hearts to New Pets: Storm Water Drains

As increased flooding due to climate change has caused more combined sewer overflows, the city has decided to give residents a new role in flood prevention through its Adopt-a-Drain program.

food friends supper club

The menu at the "Hundredth Plate Celebration" of Dinner With Friends Boston is a conglomerate of foods that were hits in prior dinners, including black bean patties with onion and spicy mayo on Hawaiian rolls

Cash for your warhol sign

A Cash for your Warhol sign posted in Albuquerque.

Crawling for Journalism

What if The Crimson did a crawl? A bar crawl? What if we gave the people what they wanted: an investigative report on the Cambridge going out scene for college students? Fine, we commit.

suvivor cover

Contestants of Harvard Survivor hold cups on a flat extended hand while balancing on one foot.

On the Run with Graham Blanks

I’m buckling up my helmet when Blanks walks out of Winthrop House, wearing Harvard Cross Country gear head to toe. He tells me we’ll be “jogging” today, at a 7:21-minutes-per-mile pace. The average non-elite male runner races a 5K at 9:28 minutes per-mile pace. Blanks runs towards the river, feet pattering like a steady metronome while I pedal beside him.

FM’s Campus Ghost Tour

On this Halloweekend, remember more than just your jackets when you leave the Mather JCR. Take a look at a few of Harvard’s most persistent spirits — you might even encounter one as you cross campus this week.

sec library

The newest of Harvard’s libraries, the SEC library is home to a collection of books that spans numerous disciplines, depicts various histories of science and technology, and highlights STEM figures of different backgrounds.

robyn rosenberg

Robyn Rosenberg, the engineering librarian at the SEC library, curated the collection from scratch. “A lot of these books are written by non-white men, and we’re having a lot of international authors, women authors,” Rosenberg says.

ghosts in the yard

Harvard’s long and storied history brings with it a number of paranormal figures, seen now for centuries in some of the 300-year-old buildings on campus.

The SEC Library, Curated by a Person, Not an Algorithm

Though the library may seem incongruous with the rest of the building, it was a planned part of the SEC from the start and is just as innovative as the technology created in it.

Buying Time

The Time Trade Circle is a Cambridge-based time bank that serves the Boston metropolitan area. The principle is straightforward: you complete a task for someone, and the number of hours it took to complete the task is deposited into your account. You can then “cash in” those hours whenever you want.

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