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Death Cafe Div School Photo

Jefferey A. Breau, an MDiv candidate who works in psychedelic chaplaincy and helped found the Death Cafe, explained that “it was really out of a recognition that there was a hunger for open conversations about death and dying.”

At Vilna Shul, Shabbat is a Big Dill

With national attention trained on Harvard the past few months, engaging in Jewish spaces on campus has felt like more of a political endeavor. Pickle-making, gimmicky in all the right ways, was enough to get us out the door.

Picklemaking tea bags

We slice and combine, pour in water and a black tea bag (for crispiness, we’re told), and the whole thing is over faster than we thought.

Picklemaking cucumbers photo

There are buckets of cucumbers in an ice bath, stacks of mason jars, and bags of green beans. Each person measures mustard seed, red pepper flakes, and heaping tablespoons of salt.

Pedal to the Metal at Cabot’s Quad Bikes

“Having someone walk in with a broken bike and walk out with a fixed bike — there are few things I've done at this university that have made people so instantly happy,” says Quad Bikes manager Julian K. Li ’25.

In Ancient DNA, New Directions for African American History

Evolutionary biologists, historians, population geneticists, and archaeologists gathered on Feb. 7 to discuss new genetic findings, published last fall in an article in “Science,” that enabled researchers to peer into the lives of the individuals who were buried at the Catoctin Furnace Cemetery.

'Cash for Your Warhol' Goes Worldwide

In its 15th year, Geoff Hargadon ’76’s “Cash for Your Warhol” art project has reached new heights — stapled to telephone poles nationwide and hanging in the halls of the art world it critiques.

Behind the Scenes at Boston Supper Clubs

In recent years, the Boston area has seen a flourishing of private multi-course dinners. They take a variety of forms: a pop-up in a restaurant, a meal around a table. Prices range widely, from $30 to more than $200, and the hosts run the gamut as well from amateur to professional chef.

food friends supper club

The menu at the "Hundredth Plate Celebration" of Dinner With Friends Boston is a conglomerate of foods that were hits in prior dinners, including black bean patties with onion and spicy mayo on Hawaiian rolls

Cash for your warhol sign

A Cash for your Warhol sign posted in Albuquerque.

cute drain

After choosing a drain and naming it, drain adopters clear out leaves and debris from the drain twice a month, logging the amount of debris they clean up online to measure the program’s impact.

Crawling for Journalism

What if The Crimson did a crawl? A bar crawl? What if we gave the people what they wanted: an investigative report on the Cambridge going out scene for college students? Fine, we commit.

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