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Weed Entrepreneur Kizzy Kee Has High Hopes

For Kee, one of the most rewarding aspects of Toke N Paint has been seeing guests’ surprising creativity in such a low-stakes environment.

Spring Photo Essay 6

Along the Charles River, one of the first daffodils of the season turns its head to the sun.

Adams Seance Society 1

The entrance to Adams House, pictured at night. A few supernaturally-inclined residents have recently started the Adams Seance Society, dedicated to communicating with the spirits that may lurk in the House's walls.

Mythical Creatures 1

The Mythical Creatures Scavenger Hunt at the Harvard Museum of Natural History tasks visitors with identifying fossils, artifacts, and replicas that resemble famous fantasy figures.

Adams Seance Society 2

At the Adams Seance Society's first seance, the members posed questions to potential spirits, listening for taps as answers. According to the society's president, several of the taps were “loud and clear."

Cambridge Community Garden

The Squirrel Brand Community Garden is one of 14 community gardens in Cambridge, and was featured in "Cambridge Community Gardens Today", a recent publication by the Cambridge Plant and Garden Club Committee of Garden History and Design.

The 14 Community Gardens of Cambridge

The Cambridge Plant and Garden Club is so much more than just “ladies in white gloves arranging peonies.” The more than 130-year-old nonprofit organization is a community that both shares a love for gardening and advocates for conservation in the Cambridge area.

The Eldest Scavenger

The Mythical Creatures Scavenger Hunt runs from April 15 to May 30 throughout the Harvard Museums of Science and Culture’s four locations. Visitors participating in the self-directed experience follow a provided guide that directs them to specific artifacts. On the third floor of the natural history museum, for example, eagle-eyed participants can find a tapestry of a colorful bird resembling the ancient Greek phoenix. Other creatures on display include a cyclops, mermaid, genie, and centaur.

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