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Gut Flora

"Gut Flora (Cerebrobacillus)," "Gut Flora (Lactogalaxius)," "Gut Flora (Glossococcus)," 2022. Installation view: Symbionts: Contemporary Artists and the Biosphere, MIT List Visual Arts Center, Cambridge, 2022. All works courtesy of the artist. Photo: Dario Lasagni

Baking the World a Happier Place

Bake it Till You Make it LLC, a “community based organization dedicated to destigmatizing mental illness, normalizing mental health conversation and promoting authentic healing and recovery,” seeks to connect people through food.

Vegetal Otherness

Špela Petrič’s “Confronting Vegetal Otherness: Skotopoiesis,” a video installation portraying the artist standing over a bed of cress, blocking the sun in front of her body for 18 hours and 52 minutes. Courtesy of the artist and Gladstone Gallery.

Snowman cupcakes

Snowman cupcakes from the first round of the event, decorated by the winning team.

The Jukebox that Shares Stories, Not Songs

These stories are part of Jukebox, a participatory art project created by Elisa H. Hamilton, who describes herself as a “socially engaged multimedia artist.” Hamilton intends for the project to create a hub for sharing and saving Cambridge residents’ stories, especially those of the city’s residents of color.

BioArt Grows in Popularity (And on its Own)

Both Sutela’s and Lin’s works are known as BioArt, an emerging field at the intersection of life science and creative expression. The pieces are often metaphors, using biological media to make a statement and redefine the boundaries of art. Much of the BioArt on display at MIT’s Symbionts exhibit criticizes the way humans interact with the natural world.

retromania not vintage

True vintage markets tend to only take items 20 years and older, putting up a barrier for contemporary creators. Gifford and Robertson chose the name "Retromania" because the term “retro” encompasses a wider range of pieces.

Pole Dancing Club

The Harvard Undergraduate Pole Dancing Club, which was formed this spring, offers free pole dancing classes to curious students.

retromania shopping

Items at Retromania are engaged in a constant conversation with one another, and the line between creation and curation is often blurred.

ManRay FM

This January, ManRay nightclub returned to Central Square after 18 years since last closing its doors. We sent MMFW to investigate if its own revival has succeeded in reviving the Cambridge LGBTQ+ subculture.

The Road to ManRay’s Resurrection

ManRay NightClub originally opened in 1983, attached to another venue, Campus, which was a gay club. Therefore, at least initially, ManRay was LGBTQ+ adjacent. It was a place for the self-identified freaks and geeks, the goths and the sloths. They had more mainstream nights, New Wave and techno for the normies on Saturdays, but they also had nights for all kinds of weirdos (non-derogatory): BDSM and fetish nights, fashion shows, art exhibitions. It was a big deal.

Behind the Scenes at Lowell Tea

It’s a Thursday afternoon in the Lowell House Faculty Deans’ kitchen, and bakers are whisking, sifting, and pre-heating in anticipation of a beloved house tradition: Lowell Tea.

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