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Adventures on the Rift

We played as the sun set and the sky split into pink and yellow, the room awash in gold. We played as the lamps turned on and the rooms around us quieted down to rest. When I went to bed that night, still giddy, I saw the graphics imprinted behind my eyelids, just as vibrant and animated as they’d been on screen.

Toppings in the Square

The Toppings food delivery app allows users to get free food delivery by having a friend or family member grab the order on their way back from the restaurant they were already going to.

Under the Sea

Digital illustration, 1080 x 1350 pixels. An exploration of how spaces and shapes carve each other out.


Digital illustration, 1080 x 1350 pixels. A study of color and mood.

The Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo Adapts to the New Normal

COVID-19 made hosting the Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo in-person impossible, but cancelling the expo was, too. So many stories from MICE’s past centered on the human connections made at a show — “We’ve heard so many people say things like, ‘I met my future husband at MICE, I met my best friend and collaborator at MICE,’” Paroline remembers.

Sticking with Chinatown

The group decided to partner with Asian American and Pacific Islander-owned restaurants to sell stickers of their iconic dishes or drinks, with 75 percent of proceeds going to the business and a charity of its choice — the goal being to both bring  restaurants publicity and support community work. And so Sticky Locals was born.