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The Haunting of Hicks House: One Night in Harvard’s Spookiest Library

In the years since its construction of Hicks House, located in Kirkland’s C-Entryway, lore has floated around Harvard’s campus of the ghosts living there. In an attempt to see them for myself, I decided to spend a night in the Hicks House Attic, now used as the Kirkland House library.

Haunted Hicks House

A room inside Hicks House, the Kirkland House Library.

Doctor Mildred Fay Jefferson, In Her Own Words

Dr. Mildred Fay Jefferson was the first Black woman to graduate from HMS, ran for Senate three times, and was a groundbreaking surgeon; however, she would rather be remembered for the lifetime of activism she dedicated to her passion — outlawing abortion.

Ill Met by Stagelight

Welcome to Shit-faced Shakespeare. Three times a week, five actors gather in The Rockwell Theater in Somerville  to put on a play — but one of the actors, selected at random each night, performs completely drunk.

Harvard's Peek Behind the Iron Curtain

But there was much more to these interviews than capturing the ideological beliefs of their participants. HPSSS researchers sought to reveal the full scope of the Soviet experience, far beyond what the Air Force had expected, pushing back, in a way, against the strong anti-Soviet culture in the U.S. during the Cold War.

The Rise and Fall of David Kane

The discovery of Kane’s involvement with the racist blog and the effect it had on students is indicative of the perils of allowing academic freedom to spill over into hate speech: On EphBlog, ‘Field’ would often make charts and graphs to legitimate his racist claims.

Chester A. Arthur: Patron Saint of Imposter Syndrome

Presidents, they’re just like us! Chester A. Arthur, a New Yorker who served as the 21st president of the United States, had no business being where he was and was wildly unpopular and unqualified for his job. We all have a little Chester in us. This one goes out to you, Chet: