Final Clubs History

John White Cummin’s 1892 “Diagram of the Relationship of Social Clubs at Harvard.” HUD 3009.15.

Freshman Smoker Cover

Students congregate in Memorial Hall in November, 1955, for the annual Freshman Smoker. HUPSF Student Life (208), olvwork300127.

The Radical Feminist Magazine You've Never Heard of

During the three years of its existence, The Rag played a powerful role in campus culture. The collective created a space for women to play with radical ideas and reckon with pressing issues, while the magazine added a distinct voice to the college’s fraught discourse. Despite its short life, The Rag expanded what feminism could be at Harvard.

‘A Very Fraught Moment’: How Elizabeth Holmes Joined the Harvard Medical School Board of Fellows

In the aftermath of the exposé and months of investigations that followed, the Board grappled with an internal debate about whether to keep Holmes “on the board for a while out of fairness and due process” or request her resignation in order to “limit potential institutional reputational damage."

The Rag 1

The May 1991 cover of The Rag, a short-lived radical feminist magazine run by a collective of Harvard undergraduates.

Tuned to the Trends: The History of Harvard's Varsity Mandolin Club

Through the late 19th and early 20th century, Harvard’s all-male Mandolin Club, alongside female mandolin players from Radcliffe, entertained the campus with their annual shows.

The Adams House Raft Race Sunk in The Charles River’s Past

To construct their rafts, racers collected materials from across campus. Some made intricate designs, while others threw together a hodgepodge of items.

Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Death Masks

Along with William James, Harvard’s archives also contain the death masks of Dante Alighiere, James Joyce, Edward Estlin Cummings, Napoleon Bonaparte, and Walt Whitman.

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