Who’s on AUX?

The person behind the playlists at the Smith Campus Center wants you to know that they recently finished their tenth trip to Disney World — and yes, they are already gearing up to go again for Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.

How to Hide Your Wealth: A Guide to Cosplaying as a Commoner

For those of you who share a last name with a hall or house on campus, change your Instagram handle from your first and last name to your first and middle. And, of course, have your roommates sign nondisclosure agreements.

Who's On Aux

Each space at Harvard has distinct vibes based on the people who inhabit it. Behind the scenes, someone is actively working to curate that energy

The Ghost of Cabot Past

The voice on the recording was frantic and hushed. “I don’t know how long I have. I’ve been seeing strange things. It's making me doubt my mind. I’m recording this so that maybe I can get proof.”

‘1-2-3, A.D. Tree, That’s How Easy Love Can Be’

You blushed — your leaves were turning red as the weather got colder. You dropped a leaf down to me and I held it like a hand. We agreed that what we had was real — no situationship, no post-party hookup. We agreed not to see other people.

Mouse in Your Room? Suck It Up, You Huge Baby

I have selected the best musings from the Mice FAQ, all of which didn’t actually point to a tangible solution nor number to call, but rather provided me with a nice chuckle during my dip in the alphabet soup of Harvard bureaucracy.

R.I.P. Jefe’s

Jefe’s was every student’s home away from home away from home.

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