Indie Berg

On an unsuspecting Tuesday afternoon in Annenberg Hall, your writer plunges into the unknown. I remove the over-the-ear headphones practically fused to my skin. I shudder without their warm embrace.

The Career of a Hapless Assassin

The animals around Harvard play Assassins. Who will come out on top?

Take Off Your Damn Headphones

I remove my over-the-ear headphones (shocking, daring, brave!) and discover the beauty of Harvard’s unfiltered sounds and silences. I also discover that I have been breathing really loudly this whole time.

The Harvard Man Goes to Therapy

Your least favorite person in your Social Studies seminar visits a therapist. But don’t worry, “Harvard Man” — an archetype that plagues this particular ivory tower — isn’t cured. He will still interrupt you to explain your own lived experiences to you tomorrow.

C is for Capitalism: Cookie Monster Pays a Visit to Harvard Business School

The following is a transcript from Cookie Monster’s recent guest lecture at the Harvard Business School. Like Kim K., he also wore his finest pinstriped pantsuit, black leather trench coat, and (though not for public viewing) SKIMS undergarments. Unlike Kim K., Mr. Monster opted to perform his speech to the tune of his smash hit, “C is for Cookie.”

Surviving Life Alive

It seems that I’ve been driven to do the unthinkable, to commit the cardinal sin: purchase a nearly $14 açaí bowl from Life Alive Café.

Become a Boba Shop To Get Into Harvard — by Your Friendly HSA College Tutor

It’s getting harder and harder to get into Harvard. Forget about all the stress that comes with crafting the perfect application and simply secure your spot by becoming a boba shop. You’ll find your way into every single classroom in no time.

Advice to Josh: How to Deal with Heartbreak

For Josh, our favorite perpetually confused eternal freshman, who is processing the end of a relationship this February, the red and pink cheer only serves as a reminder of all that’s been lost. So, FM asked some of our writers: what would you tell a heartbroken Josh?

US News and HMS Breakup

"I don’t want you to think I didn’t notice all the times you put me first. I just need to learn to put myself first."

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