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Getting to Know Sungjoo Yoon, the Datamatch Leaker

Sungjoo Yoon ’27 became a campus celebrity when he leaked a list of Rice Purity Test scores from freshmen’s private Datamatch profiles. But despite his newfound celebrity status, Yoon doesn’t see himself as the infamous “Datamatch Leaker.”

Fixing Fraud in College Admissions

As college applications grow steadily more competitive, students have been pushed to ever-greater lengths to gain admission — including mounting pressures to embellish or outright falsify application data.

Hacking Harvard Bridge with Oliver R. Smoot

As a pledge, the fraternity made Smoot lay down on the bridge over 300 times, painting ticks at each smoot. Almost 70 years later, the Smoot markings remain, allowing pedestrians to measure their journey in “smoots.” According to a sign on the bridge, Cambridge and Boston are exactly 364.4 smoots apart.

Harvard Should Step in Before Its Next Student Financial Scandal

Harvard’s insistence on club autonomy has become a shield to avoid implementing expensive, but necessary, accountability measures.

Law Firm Edelson PC to Stop Campus Recruiting From Harvard Law School Over Gay’s Congressional Testimony

The law firm Edelson PC will no longer participate in on-campus recruiting at Harvard Law School in protest of University President Claudine Gay’s controversial congressional testimony, the firm’s CEO Jay Edelson announced Thursday.

Biggest Risk-Taker: Alex Wright

Alex says taking risks puts life into perspective. “It’s really hard to get super stressed about a pset when you’re like, ‘No one’s gonna die, all my friends are safe. I’m not in imminent risk.’”