Fixing Fraud in College Admissions

As college applications grow steadily more competitive, students have been pushed to ever-greater lengths to gain admission — including mounting pressures to embellish or outright falsify application data.

How Harvard Killed Its Best Title IX Resource

The change from OSAPR to OGE may seem inconsequential, but the gutting of OSAPR was not just another administrative consolidation — it meant the loss of perhaps the best-known, most-trusted resource for survivors on Harvard’s campus.

The Corporate Balancing Act No One Can Win

If we desire to create an economy where everyone can balance commitments to both family and career, we must think critically about which industries set our standards for success, prestige, and worthiness.

‘From the River to the Sea’ for Me — But Not for Thee

Hamas isn’t the only group that uses “river to the sea” rhetoric.

What the Economics Department Lets You Forget

A Harvard economics degree ought to entail a genuine reckoning with the moral stakes of the field.

The Constitution Need Not Decide How Harvard Regulates Speech

The Harvard community ought not be doctrinaire in its reliance on the First Amendment.

Harvard Should Step in Before Its Next Student Financial Scandal

Harvard’s insistence on club autonomy has become a shield to avoid implementing expensive, but necessary, accountability measures.

Social Studies

Freshmen, a new semester is upon us, and the housing process is just around the corner. Which is to say: If you don’t have friends yet, get scared.

From Vietnam to Palestine: How Harvard Suppresses Student Protest

The use of the Statement on Rights and Responsibilities to go after generations of student activists leaves little doubt as to their purpose.

I’m Trans, and I’m Not up for Debate

As a transgender person, it has been exhausting to watch my community’s basic rights put into jeopardy and framed as subjects for debate.

Jenny Martínez for Harvard President: A Free Speech Leader for a Polarized Era

Harvard should appoint Stanford Provost Jenny S. Martínez as our new president.

Give Me a Vengeful Harvard

Our president must know that Harvard is at war with the right and losing.

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