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How Not to Be a Big Sister

Looking back, I realized that because I had tried to be the perfect long-distance sibling, I had turned myself into someone unrelatable and distant. I thought that because they looked up to me, I should only show the parts of myself that were worth admiring. Instead, I wondered if the best thing I could do for them was to be totally honest.

Getting to Know Sungjoo Yoon, the Datamatch Leaker

Sungjoo Yoon ’27 became a campus celebrity when he leaked a list of Rice Purity Test scores from freshmen’s private Datamatch profiles. But despite his newfound celebrity status, Yoon doesn’t see himself as the infamous “Datamatch Leaker.”

‘Going Viral’ with Wesley Wang

Wang’s last film gained 3.7 million views on YouTube in the span of a few months. “You never expect anything to go viral,” he says, “although I did know for a fact this one was going to do better than my other ones.”