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Cambridge City Councilors Propose Amendment to Loosen Height Limits on Affordable Housing

Just two years after the Cambridge City Council ordained the 100 Percent Affordable Housing Overlay, an ambitious zoning reform to incentivize affordable housing, a group of city councilors have introduced an amendment seeking to think bigger — literally.

Cambridge Will Return to Using Its Own Tap Water After Levels of ‘Forever Chemicals’ Decline

Cambridge will return to sourcing tap water from the city’s own water supply, less than three months after it temporarily switched water sources due to rising levels of concerning chemical pollutants, the city announced Thursday.

Cambridge Becomes First Massachusetts City to Fully Abolish Parking Minimums

The Cambridge City Council on Monday eliminated all minimum parking space requirements from the city’s zoning code, citing declining car ownership and the need for more open space and housing construction.

Cambridge City Council Calls on Law School to Boost Reproductive Rights Education

The Cambridge City Council called on Harvard Law School to bolster its reproductive rights education following student protests and voted to raise fees paid by commercial real estate developers toward a public fund for affordable housing.