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What We’re Thankful For (Harvard Edition)

With Thanksgiving Break just around the corner and the end of the semester a block or two past that, we at Flyby wanted to share what this semester has made us thankful for at Harvard.

What Kind of ‘Red (Taylor’s Version)’ Listener Are You?

The release of “Red (Taylor’s Version)” has rocked Swifties’ worlds like no other. Fans everywhere have been listening to the album on repeat (taking breaks only to watch her short film and SNL features and maybe eat). But not all Swifties are created equal. If you’re still reeling from “All Too Well: The Short Film” and need a distraction, take this quiz to find out what kind of “Red (Taylor’s Version)” listener you are!

Happy Bingo-giving!

Given that dear old John was a pilgrim himself, I think he would want Harvard to give us more than three days to celebrate Thanksgiving (#rollcrim!). With finals looming ahead, you have no idea what to do with this sweet but small amount of time. You ask yourself: what are other students doing? Who’s taking this much needed break as well, a break, and who’s finally catching up on five weeks of unwatched CS50 and Ec10 lectures?

Meet Lindsay Reed, Harvard’s Tequila Tastemaker

Harvard-Yale season is here, and I know we're all looking for the latest trends to spice up the weekend (besides the constant Bumble merch!). Well look no further! Check out our profile on Harvard student Lindsay W. Reed ’23 and her very own canned tequila cocktail business to bring the fun!

How To: Engineer a Yale Meet Cute

We're been seeing the same old same old people this semester, so here's your opportunity to branch out! Go on, start that 2000's rom-com of your dreams this weekend with that random Yalie you meet at Toad's!

Flyby Tries: Masquerading as a Y*le Student

Why just *attend* The Game at Yale, when you can BECOME Yale? If you're looking to spice up your latest trip to New Haven, try masquerading as everyone's (least) favorite bulldogs. You might get booed by every other Harvard student, but it'll be worth it for the ~ruse~.

How to: Start Your Final Papers Early

You're finally free from the endless rounds of midterms – it's time to let loose and have fun, right? Well... ish. Now's a great time to balance end of semester fun with getting a jump on that final paper you're already dreading!

How To: Carve Out Time for Yourself

College is hard! We’re not just talking about that midterm you barely passed, but the balancing act of academics, social life, and self-care. With the whirlwind of extracurriculars, classes, and new faces you deal with everyday, it’s easy to get overwhelmed at times. Especially to the introverts, we see you! In addition to carving pumpkins this fall, here’s Flyby’s guide to carving out time for yourself.

20 Slightly Menacing Harvard-Themed Threats

So you haven't slept in a few days, the dhall food did you dirty, AND that one section kid just responded to your discussion post? Time to break out these timely, only-kinda-menacing, Harvard-themed threats. Go on, let em loose.

Should You Drink That Coffee at 4 a.m.?

Need to finish that essay that you left to the last minute even though you had four weeks and seventeen hours to do it? Before you jump to conclude that it’s always time to keep working in the true Harvard workaholic way, use this flowchart to let Flyby help decide your fate!

My 13-Inch Long Rat

13 inches. Yep, you heard that correctly! The last few weeks have been a series of unfortunate events for my roommates and I, all revolving around one 13-inch long menace of a rat.

Harvard Bachelorette: Rose Ceremony

Whoop whoop! Grab your Oreos and Trader Joe’s Takis because it’s 8 p.m. on Tuesday night a.k.a the best hour of your life a.k.a Bachelorette time! And nothing is better than The Bachelorette ...except maybe The Bachelorette: Harvard Edition. Here’s everything around campus getting a rose tonight!

What Your Fall Jacket Says About You

Cambridge has finally hit us with the notorious cool temperatures. (Why did it lowkey catch me off guard?) As I shuffled through all my packed coats from storage, I couldn’t help but wonder what everyone else was going to be wearing now that the temp has hit below 50. So, being the very observant person I am, I took note on a chilly day and created personalities for you based on your jacket!

Flyby Manifests: The Yardfest of Our Dreams

Yardfest been letting you down a bit the past few years? Me too, even though I’ve never experienced one. However, I do know exactly what type of Yardfest I want to experience. Stay tuned for the Yardfest of all of our dreams that I better see that $50 billion put toward.

Flyby Manifests: Actual Commencements

As we’ve come back to campus in person and braved the joys and pains of in-person classes again, truly the only thing keeping us going is that proverbial light at the end of the thesis-grind tunnel. That light is a real, not Zoom commencement full of hugs, tears, and Instagrammable grad pics. And for our dear friends from the Class of 2020 and Class of 2021 who disappeared into the void, I miss you! Consider this my desperate plea for you too.

Flyby Manifests: Smooth Sailing

After the last few months with classes back in-person and ~relatively~ normal, there are many things to feel hopeful about when looking toward the future. Whether that be anything from having a normal sleep schedule to making it onto Dean of the College Rakesh Khurana’s instagram — join Flyby in manifesting smooth sailing from here on out.

Flyby Appreciates the Heck Out of HUDS Workers, and You Should Too

We're back in full swing, and HUDS staff have been truly been our rock throughout it all. Just as we've been adapting to unique new circumstances, they have too! In case you needed more convincing, here are some of our favorite things about HUDS.

Flyby Appreciates: Actually Having A Roommate

Having a roommate was a rite of passage for college students in their first year. Then Covid-19 happened, and traditional rooming arrangements got jumbled up. Now that we're back on campus, we gotta say – we actually sorta appreciate the oh-so-small housing and way-too-close bunk beds!

Flyby Appreciates: The Overnight Shuttle Drivers

Coming back to campus, the shuttles have truly been a gift to Quad and River students alike – sure, we might complain when the 7:10 bus arrives at 7:12, but our shuttle drivers are truly what connect this campus no matter where you're trekking to or at what hours. Especially for our overnight shuttle drivers, we appreciate the late nights and long hours spent keeping us safe and warm<3

Announcing Our Fall Feature!

Spooky season's over, and gratitude season is here! Since autumn is in full swing now, there's no better time to fall back in love with Harvard after a year away. This week, we're remembering our favorite things about campus, appreciating the little things, and looking forward to whatever "new normal" means.

Falling Back In Love With Harvard

We're (finally) back on campus, baby! A lot has changed, but one thing has stayed the same: we're glad to be here. Read on for Flyby's spotlight on fond memories, thankfulness, and hope for a almost-normal college experience!

Flyby Remembers: A Simpler (And Sweatier) Time

We've been feeling a bit nostalgic for pretty much everything these days, but the old days of bravely trekking over to the Quad to check out whatever club was throwing the latest rager sure seems like centuries ago. Travel with us back in time, to those sweaty walls and sticky floors of long ago.

Flyby Remembers: Things We Didn’t Used to Say

As we remember life pre-Covid, we can't help but think about all the new wacky vocab that's taken root in our everyday lives. Endless social juniors? To-go containers? COOL MASKS? What a world we live in these days!

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