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Making Friends at Visitas: Do’s and Don’ts

Visitas: Your first chance to make a good impression with the people who you’ll be seeing in the dining halls, doing group projects with, and living with for the next four years. If you play your cards right, you could meet the people who will become your best friends for the next four years, or at least the people you go to all the Visitas events with over the course of the weekend! We know the pandemic has killed everyone’s social skills, so we’re here to help you with what to do and what NOT to do.

First Year Housing Round Up

We know you’re all asking yourselves the same questions: where exactly do freshmen live? How do they get assigned dorms? Which dorms are the best? And, what is ~The Yard~? Prefrosh, we’ve got you covered. Welcome to Flyby’s first-year housing guide, where we’ll spill the deets about the housing process and dorm life during your freshman year!

Where To Blow Your Boardplus This Month

If you’re more fortunate than me, you may have saved your $65 of BoardPlus on your HUID designated to use at specific HUDS and House-operated dining.To make sure you make full use of Daddy Harvard’s money, here’s a list of places you can use your BoardPlus dollars.

Winthrop House

Welcome to Winthrop House! We know it, you know it — Winthrop has the finest renovations on campus. Get sorted into this house, and you’ll have a life filled with studying in one of Winthrop’s three beautiful courtyards, a gorgeous view of the river, and so many amenities we can’t list just one — from the meditation room to the Lion’s Den. We finally understand #ThropLove.

Flyby Presents: Virtual Valentines Day Ideas

Attention all long distance couples! Sad you can’t see your valentine this February 14th? Don’t be! Flyby Blog has all the romantic gestures you need planned and ready to be done. This isn’t the article you want to miss!

Flyby’s Guide to Surviving Your First Real Winter

Are you from the south? The west? The southwest? Is this your first winter season? Check out Flyby’s Guide to Surviving the Winter for some tips and tricks to surviving winter for dummies! We promise it’s a necessity.

Things Students Actually Want To See In Harvard Square

If Starbucks had to be sacrificed, it better be good. While HSA may be taking over the location with The Harvard Shop, it still left us wondering... what could be a cool new addition to the collection of stores & restaurants in the Square? Never fear — Flyby has you covered with a list of options that students ~actually~ want to see in the Square.

Happy Bingo-giving!

Given that dear old John was a pilgrim himself, I think he would want Harvard to give us more than three days to celebrate Thanksgiving (#rollcrim!). With finals looming ahead, you have no idea what to do with this sweet but small amount of time. You ask yourself: what are other students doing? Who’s taking this much needed break as well, a break, and who’s finally catching up on five weeks of unwatched CS50 and Ec10 lectures?

How to: Start Your Final Papers Early

You're finally free from the endless rounds of midterms – it's time to let loose and have fun, right? Well... ish. Now's a great time to balance end of semester fun with getting a jump on that final paper you're already dreading!