Sneha M. Yelamanchili


Sneha M. Yelamanchili

Sneha M. Yelamanchili is a Flyby Blog Editor at Large in the 151st Guard.

Editor Sneha M. Yelamanchili can be reached at

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Thanksgiving To-Do List: On Campus Edition

Staying on campus for Thanksgiving break might not be your idea of an ideal holiday experience, but Flyby’s here to make sure that you have an enjoyable and relaxing break, even while within a 10-mile radius of your dorm room.

How To: Choose Which Clubs to Comp

Choosing clubs is hard, and comping the student orgs you maybe might potentially actually really want to be in is exhausting. But it doesn’t have to be; Flyby’s on your side with a few tips to make comping season as painless as possible.

Will You Say Yes To Harvard?

You might think you have what it takes, but do you really? Will you make the wisest decision of your life in a week’s time? Will you open your application portal and check yes to committing? Flyby might not have a crystal ball—ours got confiscated in 2013—but answer a few questions, and we’ll give you our best (95.7% accurate) guess on whether or not Harvard’s in your future.

How to: Do's and Don'ts for Visitas Hosts

You signed up to host for Visitas, but how can you be the best host on campus? How do you make your prefrosh love Harvard? How do you make them commit? Here are Flyby’s dos and don’ts to accomplish all of the above and more:

Dunster House

Welcome to Dunster House! If you’re sorted into Dunster House, you’ll have the best of both worlds. Between scenic river views, shuttle stops right outside your door, and an amazing house community, any incoming Dunsterite can be confident that they won the housing lottery.