The Ghost of Cabot Past

The voice on the recording was frantic and hushed. “I don’t know how long I have. I’ve been seeing strange things. It's making me doubt my mind. I’m recording this so that maybe I can get proof.”

‘1-2-3, A.D. Tree, That’s How Easy Love Can Be’

You blushed — your leaves were turning red as the weather got colder. You dropped a leaf down to me and I held it like a hand. We agreed that what we had was real — no situationship, no post-party hookup. We agreed not to see other people.

Mouse in Your Room? Suck It Up, You Huge Baby

I have selected the best musings from the Mice FAQ, all of which didn’t actually point to a tangible solution nor number to call, but rather provided me with a nice chuckle during my dip in the alphabet soup of Harvard bureaucracy.