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‘I Want People to Know It’: Ava E. Silva ’27 Works to Preserve the Alabama Language

Within the Working of Language in the Field (WOLF) lab, Ava E. Silva '27 and a team of Harvard researchers are currently developing the Alabama language project, a five-year initiative that aims to document the language, study its grammar and lexicon, and produce educational resources for the Alabama-Coushatta community.

The Matchmakers of Harvard Magazine

“I like the idea of personal ads, because that is exactly what they are — they’re personal,” says celebrity matchmaker Bonnie Winston, who has placed ads in Harvard Magazine since the late 2000s. “It’s a very good way for me to find quality bachelors and bachelorettes to match my clients up with."

Balancing Acts: Coordination Difficulties in Harvard's Music Dual Degree Programs

Though dual enrollment students value the opportunity to combine studying music with their other academic interests, they also cite issues with the structures of their programs. Students say that there are difficulties with coordinating schedules between the two schools, transportation costs and financial aid, and feeling socially disconnected.