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The Fight Over DEI Arrives at Harvard

Diversity, equity, and inclusion at Harvard has come under fire from conservative activists, and now many within the University are calling on Harvard to reform. Will the administration stand by its current DEI efforts, or will it change course?

‘And Then The Politics Came Into It’: Evolving Jewish Community Spaces at Harvard

While political tensions are pervasive to many, and dictate the actions of some, many Jewish students have remained united by the recognition of a common identity with some of those they disagree with, and an aspiration for mutual understanding.

‘Medicine for Harvard’: Harvard's Struggles to Repair Relationship with Native American Tribes

It’s been almost 400 years since Caleb Cheeshahteaumuck graduated, and there have been few University-led initiatives to redress or reconcile Harvard’s role in the persecution of Native Americans. Today, few Indigenous students benefit from a Harvard education.