Around Town

When Objects Come to Life

The art of bringing inanimate objects to life — humanoid puppets, found objects, drawings, ketchup bottles — has been part of worldwide cultures for millennia, often depicting complex and purposeful stories.

A Cozy Saturday Night with the Harvard Knitting Circle

On a recent Saturday night, five Harvard students worked on their fiber arts projects and discussed everything from psychology research topics to a crochet pattern for a stuffed alpaca. Meanwhile, a certain FM writer tried — with mixed results — to start the crochet-a-penguin kit she ordered off of an Instagram ad at 3 a.m.

Decolonizing the Colonial Museum

A panel at the Peabody Museum on museums and decolonization covered topics like the repatriation of human remains, land acknowledgements, and ways that museums can continue to decolonize and promote ethical stewardship.

Live Theater Takes a Walk

While other theater companies tried to adapt plays for a Zoom setting, Lyric Stage, Boston's oldest theater company, was reluctant to entertain audiences through a screen. Instead, Lyric hoped to entertain without adding screen time by encouraging audiences to step into the city.