Around Town

A Win-Win for Harvard Square Homeless Shelter

Only a week after the Covid-19 shutdown on March 17, 2020, the city of Cambridge started a restaurant shelter meals program, partnering with local food establishments to provide meals to people experiencing homelessness throughout the public health crisis. The program has expanded from eight sites around the city of Cambridge to 17 meal locations, one of which is HSHS.

Ill Met by Stagelight

Welcome to Shit-faced Shakespeare. Three times a week, five actors gather in The Rockwell Theater in Somerville  to put on a play — but one of the actors, selected at random each night, performs completely drunk.

A New Space for Podcasts

It’s a Friday afternoon in Los Angeles. Samuel T. Rukeyser and David S. Lu Zoom in from their backyard, where they’re seated in white lawn chairs. Lu, who wears a simple gray sweatshirt, leans back with his legs crossed. Rukeyser has on a T-shirt with a pair of sunglasses tucked into the neck. They look, for lack of a better word, cool — pretty close to what you’d expect from two guys who dropped out of Harvard to create their own app. In their case, the app is Airr, an audio sharing platform.

Skipping the Small Talk

At the ring of the bell, Kirsner gives her official welcome, inviting everyone to be more vulnerable than they normally would. She speaks to the importance of having compassion for ourselves and others. She mentions how, in her five years of hosting these events, there has not been one reported regret of sharing too much.