The Road to Reclamation, Reconciliation, and Reparations: A Conversation With Public Historian Hannah Scruggs

Public historian Hannah Scruggs sat with Fifteen Minutes to discuss historical sites, descendants of slavery, and Harvard's road to remedying its difficult past. “Public history can be a powerful space for connection and healing,” she says.

Fifteen Questions: Anne Harrington on Hist of Sci, Mental Health, and Ice Cream

The History of Science professor and faculty dean of Pforzheimer House sat down with Fifteen Minutes to discuss the history of mental health and some pfun Pfoho traditions. “I think the Quad is great, I really do,” she says. “How can we move people’s minds and hearts a little bit on this issue?”

Meet Earthling Ed, That Vegan Educator

Winters’s style of activism focuses on drawing people — whether his students, the people he debates, or his viewers at home — into what he hopes are reasonable, logical, and understanding discussions about veganism.