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How to: Read 300 Pages in One Night.

It’s 1:30 a.m. You open up Canvas only to find you have 300 pages of reading due tomorrow. Maybe the Q Guide lied to you about that “gem” Gen Ed. Maybe you decided to tempt fate and take Humanities 10. Or maybe you went to the Pfoho Igloo yesterday (sorry) and figured you could get through it in one night. Don’t stress! As the readings start to pile up, here are some strategies to deal with those Sunday scaries.

Flyby’s Guide to Conquering Your Writer’s Block

Midterm paper got you down? Me too, babe. But it’s Harvard’s world and we’re just living in it. Best get those essays in on time or else face the wrath of the Writing Gods (or a passive-aggressive email from your TF). Never fear, Flyby is here! With plenty of suggestions of varying absurdity to help you kick that writer’s block to the curb, let’s help you conquer that deadline!

Flyby Encourages: Midterm Season Motivation

This midterm season, Flyby hypothesizes that you will get everything done. But if you’re in need of some encouragement — look no further. We’ve got you covered with all the supportive messaging you need to get through the essays and exams on your midterms to do list ;)

Can’t Find A Seat in Berg? Here’s The Game Plan.

Our dearest Berg is a place where all first-years should feel welcome. But after pulling excessively hard on the one door that doesn’t open and fumbling with your ID as the hangry post-Ec10 lunch line forms behind you, there is one more obstacle left before you can enjoy your meal: simply, where the heck do you sit? Don’t worry, we gotchu. Here’s the game plan for finding the perfect seat:


We get it. We’re all trudging through the nebulous five weeks that constitute midterm season. We can barely do readings, let alone function as human beings. But it’s been two months now since we moved in, and we’re already well into spooky season. There are certain things that we (including you, yes, you!) just have to get done. It’s tough to keep track of everything, so we’ve ever-so-helpfully distilled all those tasks into a to-do list for your convenience. Let us help you help yourself.

Flyby's Guide to Outdoor Studying

Let’s face it: fall is here and your days of wishing for AC are over. If you, like us, want to study outside and take advantage of the last days of light, fear not because this is Flyby’s guide to studying outside this autumn!

Better Late Than Never! How to: Make Your Dorm Room Aesthetic

Whether it’s eating cup ramen at 2 a.m. or dancing to your favorite rage break-up playlist at midnight with your roommates — your room is the spot. Your spot! So, of course it makes complete sense to drop everything from your consulting comp to cramming for exams (yes, I have three exams next week ALREADY), and revamp your space!

10 Places To Find Love At Harvard

Goodbye hot girl summer, welcome to cuffing season. Here are ten places you can maybe find ~love~ at Harvard (even if it’s just for a semester because you realized all your classes are gems and are now looking for some unnecessary stress in other departments).

A Beginner's Guide to Actually Stay Active on Campus

When we’re drowning in psets, essays, and the never ending cycle of club meetings, staying active (let alone finding time for yourself) is hard at Harvard. Check out these ideas to get those endorphins going!

A Serious Guide to Answering the Dreaded Icebreaker Question

With the start of the semester, the socially awkward, dreaded icebreaker questions are back. Here’s how to think of the perfect fun fact about yourself to get strangers to actually remember your name.

Flyby’s Guide to Making the Most of Reading Period

Finals week is creeping up on us,and you know what that means: cramming 40 hours’ worth of lectures because you’ve been skipping class all semester. But before all the fun of finals, move-out, and graduation (congrats seniors!), we have a weird transitional week that Harvard calls reading period! Here are some tips on how to make the most of this precious time before finals week.

Where To Blow Your Boardplus This Month

If you’re more fortunate than me, you may have saved your $65 of BoardPlus on your HUID designated to use at specific HUDS and House-operated dining.To make sure you make full use of Daddy Harvard’s money, here’s a list of places you can use your BoardPlus dollars.

How To: Take a Nap

We’ve all been there: your morning coffee is wearing off, you’ve finished all your classes but still have a lot more to do and all you really want to do is sleep. So, what are you going to do to get through the rest of the day? Obviously a nap is the move — follow the chart, and we’ll tell you just how to do it.

Five Brain Break Ideas That Are Actually Brain Breaks

It’s hard to take real brain breaks at Harvard without worrying about your pset due tomorrow or an upcoming essay deadline. Instead of aimlessly scrolling on TikTok, block out time on your Gcal for a few of these ~good-for-the-soul~ brain breaks that’ll leave you feeling refreshed

Flyby’s Guide to Surviving Your First Real Winter

Are you from the south? The west? The southwest? Is this your first winter season? Check out Flyby’s Guide to Surviving the Winter for some tips and tricks to surviving winter for dummies! We promise it’s a necessity.

Ways To Exercise Around Campus Without Going to the Gym

It’s much easier to spend the next 10 minutes scrolling through Instagram instead of walking over to the MAC, let alone spending the next 30 minutes half-jogging, half-walking on a treadmill with a mask on. So we’re here to show you some gym-free ways to get your sweat on and help your New Year’s resolutions survive the start of the spring semester.

Flyby Starter Pack: Things to Scream at Pedestrians

It’s Saturday night, and you’re a STEM major. You know what that means: it’s pset party time! You’re going to be alone in your room with one stuffed animal and your sad, dented can of Red Bull! For some odd reason, some students might not find this to be thrilling enough. If you count yourself among them, you can invite more people to your little pset party. Simply open your window and scream to the pedestrians below.

How to Preserve Your Romantic Options during Winter Break

Believe it or not, winter break is almost upon us. You might be looking forward to going home and relaxing, but if you’re like me, you’re probably very worried about how to not let the ABUNDANT romantic options you’ve found this semester fizzle out during winter break. I’ve come up with a few resourceful ways to keep those romantic sparks lit throughout the month we’re apart.

How to Deal with the Cold as a Californian

Listen, it's COLD. To all you New Englanders waxing poetic about the winter of 2008 anytime I complain about the current temperatures, please. Just let me have this. For all of us not from the East Coast, join me in commiserating in the never-ending Boston winter.

Reminder Guide of Campus Resources for the Forever-Grinding Student

With reading period and final exams around the corner, the academic workload for most students has been peaking quite a bit. Here are a few friendly reminders from Flyby on using campus resources to make life a little more manageable.

How To: Engineer a Yale Meet Cute

We're been seeing the same old same old people this semester, so here's your opportunity to branch out! Go on, start that 2000's rom-com of your dreams this weekend with that random Yalie you meet at Toad's!

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