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Cabot House

Welcome to Cabot House! Here in the house that rules the quad, you’ll find a close-knit community that’s more like a family, where fun and laughter is a top priority. Also, the fish theme doesn’t mean you’ll have to eat any extra Red’s Best Catch, so don’t panic. In fact, there’s always Cabot Cafe when you’re looking for a HUDS alternative!

Love It or Hate It: Grab N Go Dining

Losing your argument about Grab N Go dining to your roommate who’s on the debate team? Still trying to choose a side? Then check out these two perspectives on the dining situation and use our stellar reasoning skills to absolutely demolish your roommate’s argument.

Flyby Starter Pack: Things to Scream at Pedestrians

It’s Saturday night, and you’re a STEM major. You know what that means: it’s pset party time! You’re going to be alone in your room with one stuffed animal and your sad, dented can of Red Bull! For some odd reason, some students might not find this to be thrilling enough. If you count yourself among them, you can invite more people to your little pset party. Simply open your window and scream to the pedestrians below.

Flyby Ranks: Harvard's Urban Wildlife

The wildlife around Harvard is *almost* as interesting as its students! Take a stroll with us as we rank some of the best and worst urban wildlife this campus has to offer.