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5 Essential Apps for Visitas

Ready to visit and witness firsthand the transformative experience Harvard can offer but unsure of where to start? Worry not; fitting in is as easy as downloading these five apps on your phone.

Kirkland House

If the higher powers are in your favor and you're sorted into Kirkland, you'll find yourself in an awesome location on the River right next to the Square. Your next three years will consist of participating in quirky traditions such as Secret Santa Week and Boat Club as part of a tight-knit community.

Love It/Hate It: Returning from Winter Break

Not sure how you feel about returning from winter break? Want to pretend you are in debate and critique others' opinions? Then check out Flyby's article and decide which side you side with — perhaps leading you to an aha moment.

How to Deal with the Cold as a Californian

Listen, it's COLD. To all you New Englanders waxing poetic about the winter of 2008 anytime I complain about the current temperatures, please. Just let me have this. For all of us not from the East Coast, join me in commiserating in the never-ending Boston winter.