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‘No Other Choice’: Harvard Affiliates March With Thousands Across the Country for Gun Control

Harvard affiliates rallied with thousands across the country for gun control Saturday, calling for more robust state and federal legislation.

HKS Hosts Anti-Asian Violence Webinar with Southern Poverty Law Center President

Southern Poverty Center President and CEO Margaret Huang and gun control activist Shannon Watts discussed the recent rise in anti-Asian violence and the mass shooting in Atlanta last week at a Wednesday Harvard Kennedy School webinar.

Reed Shafer-Ray '18 Fights for Gun Reform

Reed T. Shafer-Ray '18 has been working for the past year to get two different gun control-related bills into the Massachusetts House.

Harvard Students Sit In for Gun Control

Roughly 100 College affiliates, visiting high schoolers, and Cambridge residents sat on the steps of Widener Library for three hours Friday as part of a nationwide demonstration against gun violence.

Walk Out for Gun Control

Students gathered on Widener steps Friday morning as part of a national day of school walkouts to mark the 19th anniversary of the Columbine shooting.

Across Universities, Students Walk Out in Wake of Parkland Shooting

Students at Stanford, Brown, and Cornell, among other schools, walked out in solidarity with the victims of last month’s Parkland shooting.

Parkland Students to Speak at Harvard

Students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla. will come to the IOP to discuss gun reform and student activism in late March.

Law Groups Debate Gun Control

The Federalist Society argued for the preeminence of the Second Amendment in granting citizens the right to bear arms, while the American Constitution Society contended that guns’ detriments outweigh their benefits.

'The Harder They Come' Comes Easily at a Hard Topic

A writer who can make ugly topics and imagery beautiful—a dead man is not a corpse but “an exhausted dance partner”—and violence eerily pleasurable, Boyle once again proves his literary merit in the remarkable tale “The Harder They Come."

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