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Laufey 2023 Bewitched Tour Concert Review Image

Laufey performed at The Wilbur on Oct. 29 on her Bewitched Tour.

The Psych Drama Company’s ‘Macbeth:’ ‘Lesser than Macbeth and Greater’

The action of "Macbeth" at the Museum of Science, Boston is inside Macbeth’s and Lady Macbeth’s minds. The captivating, abstract, transcendent adaptation succeeds in capturing the struggles of free will, making the unconventional play an overall success.

Twins in an Ice Cream Shop

With my twin, I feel like it’s us against the world. The world, on the other hand, seems that it would prefer us against each other. Over our 19 years, we’ve received comments such as, “Wow, your sister’s gorgeous! You look nothing alike,” “Oh, so you’re the disappointment, then?” and “How does it feel to have a sister so much smarter than you?” And my personal favorite: “You’re just so… different” (Ambiguity only baits the imagination.)

Tommy Orange Visits Harvard Art Museums to Talk About New Novel, Indigenous Identity

Walking into Menschel Hall at the Harvard Art Museums last Thursday, listeners expect to hear a lecture from best-selling author Tommy Orange. Instead, Orange reveals excerpts from his upcoming book, “Wandering Stars,” set to be released in spring 2024.

BioArt Grows in Popularity (And on its Own)

Both Sutela’s and Lin’s works are known as BioArt, an emerging field at the intersection of life science and creative expression. The pieces are often metaphors, using biological media to make a statement and redefine the boundaries of art. Much of the BioArt on display at MIT’s Symbionts exhibit criticizes the way humans interact with the natural world.