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Harvard Workers and Students March for TPS in Washington, D.C.

Harvard students and employees joined thousands of marchers from across the country in Washington D.C. Tuesday to rally for the preservation of Temporary Protected Status, a program that provides some immigrants with temporary refuge in the United States if their home countries are affected by armed conflict or natural disaster.

Harvard Wins $14K in Trademark Dispute with Turkish Schools

Harvard will receive 73,000 Turkish lira — equivalent to roughly $14,000 — after Halil Çil, a Turkish citizen, licensed Harvard’s trademark to language and private schools in Turkey without the University's authorization.

Harvard Signs Amicus Brief Opposing More Stringent Student Visa Policies

Harvard signed onto an amicus brief Friday that objects to Trump administration visa policy changes made in August that tightened visa overstay rules for international students. The University joins 64 other institutions of higher education in signing the brief.

'Like Fire in the Middle' of Harvard Yard: Baldwin-Inspired Sculpture Draws Viewers

The installation was inspired by James Baldwin’s 1964 text “Nothing Personal," published at the height of the Civil Rights movement. The artist, Teresita Fernández, said the nation still struggles with issues Baldwin exposed.