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Ruben E. Reyes Jr.

Ruben E. Reyes Jr. '19 is a former Editorial Chair and Editorial Writer living in Leverett House. He studies History and Literature, and is originally from Diamond Bar, California. His interests include United States politics, race, structural inequity, and pop culture.

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The Moments We Remember Most

If you seek the most complete account of our time here, you have to remember the joy we felt — a necessary antidote to the bitter poison we faced. Sometimes they came in small bursts, sometimes large ones, but either way they sustained us.

Whose Harvard? Yours.

We have pushed for this community to be a familia and that is the beauty we hope you see when you come here.

Los Vendidos, The Sellouts

At home, getting a well-paying job is what it meant to be successful. It was the purpose of my education. At school, getting a well-paying private sector job is what it meant to “forget” where I come from.

Breaking Latinx Gender Roles

In order to change it we must constantly push back against the ways our community attempts to fit everyone into molds that should have never been created.

When’d You Start Caring About Immigrants?

I worry about the day when progressives protected by their citizenship, will close their eyes and look back at Trump as one small blip in an otherwise perfect world.

Creating Community, Losing Ourselves

The Latinx community suffers when people don’t stick around to invest in it, but investing in it burns people out to the point where they don’t want to stick around.

My Two Libraries, My Two Selves

I loved books like “Animal Farm” simply because they entered my life at the right moment, by chance alone. Now, I try keeping up with what’s hot in the publishing world.

Harvard Parties Aren’t That Bad

Bringing the final club scene to the masses, or opening up the door just a tiny bit wider, won’t cure our dissatisfaction with our social scene.