Pforzheimer Den Opens With Pac-Man, Pinball, and Neon

A new game room featuring retro arcade machines with games like Galaga, Pac-Man, and Centipede opened in Pforzheimer House on Oct. 13. “The Den” — brightened by neon lights, painted walls, and multicolored floor tiles — also houses a pinball machine and an air hockey table.

Guinea Pigs

Who wouldn't want to protect these cuties?

Pforzheimer House

Pfoho residents have the most pfun, right? You'll find out by reading Flyby's take on the house.

In Second Year, Sophomore Orientations Expands to Three More Houses

​Orientation is an experience typically reserved for freshmen, but an increasing number of upperclassman Houses are welcoming back sophomores early for their own version of the transition process.

Stop Being Gross, Pfoho

​Good news! Pforzheimer students are using condoms! Bad news! Some disgusting pig thinks it’s funny to tie their used condoms to a tree and make Building Manager clean them up.

Quadded 2016

A student orders drinks at the ice bar at Pforzheimer House’s Moors Terrace on Saturday night. The event, #QUADDED2016, was hosted by Pforzheimer’s House Committee in anticipation of Housing Day this coming Thursday.


<p>Pforzheimer, or Pfoho for short, previously called “North House” (we know—who wouldn’t want their house to be named after Kim and Kanye’s daughter?) is one of those houses that can make a freshman’s jaw drop and say the words “it looks like a freaking hotel.” With so many n+1 suites that even sophomores can get in on the single action, Pfoho is one of the "pfreshest" houses of the twelve. The only caveat to that is that it’s stationed in the Quad: an area as terrifying to freshmen as the threat of an impending Ec10 midterm. But coming in at 371 students, it’s filled with enough people to make a strong community and its isolation from the rest of the Harvard Bubble is bound to make making new friends as an easy affair.</p>

Quad Talk

A sign hangs over the door of an office in Pforzheimer House designated as a new shared space between the various peer counseling groups on campus. “Quad Talks” will be held Sunday through Thursday evenings and hosted by a different group every night in an effort to grant easier access to peer counseling groups to students housed in the Quad.

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