Fifteen Most Interesting Class of 2018

Aron Szanto

“Say I have a secret,” says Szanto, an Applied Mathematics concentrator in Mather House and a Masters candidate in Computer Science. “I tell you the secret, and you tell someone else, [and] they tell someone else. If you were to track that little bit of information as it spreads, it would kind of look like a line that goes from me to you and me to your friend. You would see little nodes in a network light up.”

Harry T. Newman-Plotnick

While Newman-Plotnick is a "very big proponent of just sitting around doing absolutely nothing for extended periods of time," this philosophy does not accurately reflect his time on campus.

Raahil M. Sha

By shortening surgery time, Sha explains, these headsets allow the procedures to be done more safely and with less anesthesia, resulting in quicker recoveries, and limiting potential complications. He knows this because he’s seen it work.

Archana Somasegar

In 2015, Somasegar was selected to be the American delegate for the G(irls) 20 Summit, a global program that brings together one delegate from each G20 country.

Karen M. Maldonado

“I dove into it and realized that there is a lot of cool theory about weightlifting and men in prison yards and how it builds bodily autonomy and masculinity and empowerment."

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