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Alexander J. Gerstenhaber

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Salgado, the Sahel, and Photography’s Biggest Dilemma

Sebastião Salgado’s book “Sahel: The End of the Road” is neither mesmerizing nor captivating. In fact, the vast majority of its images make the viewer want to look away.

McCurry, Meiselas, and the Mystery of Imagination in Documentary Photography

Several years ago, my parents gifted me a copy of National Geographic’s “Asia and Oceania: Around the World in 125 years.” My history-loving, faraway imagination was seduced by the book, transporting me to the mountains of Kashmir, ports of Victoria Harbor, and jungles of Bagan to live a multitude of lives I had never before conceived of.

bazzi house of blues image 5

Bazzi basks in the rapidly changing colored stage lights.